Scott Leaver was charged with Common Assault and Public Order offences and was sentenced to a Community Order, three months curfew at his home from 8am - 8pm, and ordered to pay £85 court fines.

Incident near East Putney tube station. The driver performed a dangerous pass as I was about to overtake the parked bus (32 seconds), forcing me to veer left behind the bus. When I caught up with him I looked in the vehicle but did not say or gesture anything. He started the conversation with "what's the matter?" (transcript below)

He does not appear to be aware of the Primary Position. The guidance on Primary Positioning from the Department of Transport is available here:

Also interesting that towards the end of the video, a man across the road appears to be offering him support - "tell it like it is...arseholes, every single one of them".

The rear view of this incident is at


Driver: What’s the matter?
Me: That wasn’t good driving mate.
Driver: Hang on, you pulled in front of me, bang in the middle of the road, not pulling to one side, you’re the one in the wrong.
Me: When? At the lights?
Driver: At the lights yeah.
Me: I’m entitled to be there, it’s safer……
Driver: Straight in the middle of the road.
Me: You know you’re on camera mate?
Driver: Do I give a fuck? Pull over.
Driver: Do you think I give a fuck? About your camera?
Me: I’m allowed……
Driver: You, I tell you what you done right, you pulled, you was in front of me at the lights right, and when you went behind the bus, bang in the middle instead of pulling over to the side to let cars past, you decided to stay bang in the fucking middle.
Me: Yeah, that’s the safest……
Driver: No, no, it’s not, you’re in the fucking way of me, so see your camera?
Driver: See that thing there, I’ll stick that right up your fucking arse. Right? Now fucking mess about with me right cunt, you was in my fucking way, right?
Me: I’m entitled to……
Driver: You can put that wherever you fucking want.
Driver: Get in front of me again I’ll fucking run you straight over, cunt.
Driver: Yeah fucking cunt, straight in front of me, you and your fucking webcam.


    • K-R J
      K-R J

      First he overtake a cyclist in the same lane right in front of a bus (which easily could have ended up with a collision resulting in the death of the cyclist) and then he goes on about the cyclist being in the middle of the road and not to the side and that the cyclist was in his way and claims the cyclist pulled in front of him, even though the cyclist was in front of him and was in the same lane as him. I don't know where to begin really, but basically everything he did and said is wrong. If he was king and made the rules, I am sure he would be right, but luckily he is not king and do not make any laws or rules on who people should be driving or cycling. Instead, lets look at some actual legal references about this:

      *Cyclists have a right to claim the lane*
      It may come as a surprise to most drivers but cyclists have as much right as drivers to take up the entire lane. You will often see cyclists riding side-by-side, and you, as a driver, may think they’re being selfish by doing so. But the fact is the cyclist is actually reducing the risk of having an accident; it’s the safest way for them to cycle, particularly if there’s a blind bend, a narrowing of the road, a high risk junction, pinch point or traffic lights ahead.

      Cyclists should never cycle in the gutter as it gives no room for avoiding obstacles and leaves no room to fall if an accident occurs, increasing the risk of falling into the road and potentially under the wheels of a vehicle.

      *Allow plenty of space*
      When overtaking a cyclist a driver is required to give them as much room as you would a car, where possible. Cyclists may need to swerve to avoid hazards. Drivers should always anticipate that there may be a pothole, oily, wet or icy patch or some other obstruction.

      Don’t drive too close behind a cyclist as you may not be able to stop in time if they come off their bike or pull up abruptly. Unless you have an entire clear, empty lane in which to pass, slow down and wait until there is room to pass, and do so slowly.

      *It’s your responsibility as a driver to avoid hitting the cyclist, not the responsibility of the cyclist to avoid getting hit by you.*

      *When to take the lane*
      If you can keep up with the traffic, such as around town, it's safest to take the lane. It's also the position to adopt when you want to dissuade drivers from doing something stupid, like cutting you up. Here's a non-exhaustive list of situations when it's best to take the lane.
      • Approaching a pinch point, such as pedestrian island in the centre of the road.
      • Approaching and negotiating a roundabout.
      • Approaching Give Way markings.
      • Approaching a side road, to prevent drivers from 'left-hooking' you and to help drivers on the side road to see you.
      • Approaching traffic lights.
      • Approaching a blind corner.
      • Negotiating a junction.
      • In queues of stationary traffic.
      • Overtaking parked cars.

      about 1 year ago
    • Burt Burty
      Burt Burty In reply to K-R J

      Uv had cyclist go down inside of me in static traffic and pedestrian crosses in front bang pedestrian all over floor cyclist flys through the air and bang on to pavement i drive for a living and id say cyclists are a bunch of morons

      about 1 month ago
    • Master Bation
      Master Bation In reply to K-R J

      Up north the police have no problem with you cycling on the pavement as long as you are not a danger to pedestrians!

      about 3 months ago
    • Simon Pople
      Simon Pople In reply to K-R J

      K-R J run all fucking cyclists over their a pain in the arse

      about 3 months ago
    • Fg Ff
      Fg Ff In reply to K-R J

      +Robert Wallace if required i would happily do it, just like i do with my car.

      about 4 months ago
    • Robert Wallace
      Robert Wallace In reply to K-R J

      Well they should pay fucking road tax like everyone does

      about 4 months ago
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      FA57 LYF


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    • ShaiyaStudios

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    • Eddie The Head
      Eddie The Head

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      Stephen Roche

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      winks wink

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      JJ Williams 1984

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      Johnny Meringues

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      Sam Craig

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      Sky Smith

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      Sky Smith

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    • Gregg 1975
      Gregg 1975

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      Idiot people thinking if they say " you're on camera " gives them an automatic forcefield. A camera won't fight your fight in reality. It's a tool for confrontation but the confronters suddenly shit themselves when it gets real.

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      dzon kowalsky

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      JWC gaming

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      captain cook

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      Barrywilt Barrywilt

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      terry tuna

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      Matt Eldred

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    • John Bowkett
      John Bowkett

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    • D Fine
      D Fine

      When will motorists understand that cyclists never take up the middle of the road just to piss them off. Its to keep them safe from the speeding tons of metal all around them. Also the parked car doors thing is real. Like motorists they don't want to be sliced in half by a car door opening.

      about 1 month ago