TRIMO designs, develops and applies unique conversion solutions for your Mercedes Benz Sprinter / Volkswagen Crafter.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter / Volkswagen Crafter Extra Long Wheel Base Van converted to a chauffeur-driven Luxury Van by Trimo, Bursa, Turkey. Trimo Design pursues perfection in customizing and transforming the Sprinter / Crafter Van into Luxury Conversions Vans, and Mobile Office Vans that are truly one of the kinds. This Vehicle named as Mercedes Sprinter SVD 1010.

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      اللهم ارزقناء بوحد مثله

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      Qazi Hamza

      i shall buy it in my dreamsss

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      Harika bir araba yapmışlar helal olsun

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      Be the first one in just to get the remote. Then press all the bottoms to piss everybody off.🙌🙌

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      Wow Nice Car

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      absolutelly fantas tics di kampoeng nya Mr philips mobil begini di pake suvervisor and evaluasi pengembang roads seperti orang perush PP mobil rumah atau tempat tidur.

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      Timmanagouda PATIL

      ಇದರ ಬೆಲೆ ಎಷ್ಟು ಇರಬಹುದು

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      Md Riday

      Car price

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      Farooq Rangooni

      Super class modified. Love it. So nice one

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      naman ojha

      Price of vehicle

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      Sajid khan Khan

      plz tell me price

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      Wonderful. So amazing

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      How about a folding toilet?

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      Like ambulance outside,bt anyway gud

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      محمد عبدالغني

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      Wheres the crapper? I need a crapper with a magic table.

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      believe and do

      its just concept vehicle ...not for driving by all.

      about 21 day ago
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      Claudio Dias

      Qual o valor de um carro assim ??

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      Batti Mohan

      What is the price of Van in India.

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      Gucci Supreme

      Wow I love this

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      Where is driver cabin

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      Hello everyone Good times friend and subscribe now okay good video 🇮🇳🙏wow what a luxury car like van

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