STEP INTO THE CASTLE AND step back in time to a home modeled after a fifth-century castle built near Nuremberg, Germany. The Castle was crafted during the 1920s in Jackson, Michigan, by the eccentric violinist Max Helmer. Helmer was the local Liberace of his day, a wealthy musician who inherited a large estate from his father, a prominent Jackson banker, Fred Helmer. Helmer fell in love with medieval structures while touring Europe in the 1920s as a concert violinist. The Castle was designed for seclusion, but enjoys beautiful views on one of the most elevated points in the area.

Builder C.J. Jorgensen crafted the tower using fieldstone from the surrounding region. More than 500 tons of rock and 300 barrels of cement were used to build the first five floors. Jorgensen used horses, nine helpers and a crane. The tower walls are 3-feet-wide at the base, and are tapered to the top. Beneath the structure is a customary castle feature, a dungeon, entered through a trap door on the first floor. The Castle has been renovated to seamlessly conjoin the old and the new, the pinnacle of which is the 3-story addition completed in 1942. This project added a great room, master suite, family room, and modernized kitchen to the property; thus, bringing the home in line with contemporary living while maintaining its historical charm.

A History of Family, Friends, Adventure and Escape: When the, then newlywed, current owners decided to move from the Detroit area to a more peaceful, slowpaced location to raise a young family - their wildest dreams couldn’t have prepared them for what they discovered.

The Castle they found hidden on the highest point of Jackson County in Lower Michigan (National
Geological Survey Market on-site) proved to transform both the place and their family in an almost magical
way. The unique setting in which to raise a family and the inherent responsibility to continue the fascinating
history of the property, proved to be a bonding experience and the quest of a lifetime for the current owners.
Early years at the Castle for this family were spent together pruning, clearing and landscaping the grounds for
year-round fun outdoors. Undertaking countless renovations and restorations, which transformed the property
from the original medieval vision of the eccentric Max Helmer into what is now a truly unique modern


 Five Bedrooms
 Three Bathrooms
 20 Acres
 2 Extraordinary Half Mile Private Driveways
 1 Family Room and 1 Walkout Guest Suite/Family Room
 Fireplaces in Multiple Rooms
 Miles of Nature Trails for Walking, Running, Sledding
and Exploring
 Lighted Basketball Court with Full-size Glass Backboard
 Unique Shake Style Metal Roofs on Garage and Castle
 Original Hardwood Floors
 Jacuzzi Tub
 3 Separate Outdoor Patios on 2 Levels
 Private 20 Acres Surrounded by Hundreds of Acres of
Hardwood Forest

**Potential Uses**

 Family Home
 Wedding Venue
 New Single-Family Home Community
 Vacation Home
 Private Multi-Use Retreat Venue
 Rental for Nearby Michigan International Speedway
(MIS) NASCAR/Indy Car Teams and Families
 Rental for Football Games for MSU/UM Fans
 Rental for Close Proximity to Many Local Lakes
 Collectors’ Item

**Nearby Attractions & Services**

 Jackson Community College (JCC) – 1mi
 Jackson High School – 6.7mi
 Downtown Jackson – 7.3mi
 Allegiance Health (Jackson’s Hospital) – 8.2mi
 Jackson Lumen Christi High School – 9.1mi
 Jackson County Airport – 11.3mi
 Northwest High School – 12.7mi
 Michigan International Speedway
NASCAR Race Track – 13mi
 Ann Arbor, MI & The University of Michigan – 41mi
 Lansing, MI and Michigan State University – 48mi
 Ypsilanti, MI and Eastern Michigan University – 50mi
 Battle Creek, MI – 52mi
 Toledo, OH – 57mi
 Kalamazoo, MI & Western Michigan University – 73mi
 Detroit, MI – 85mi
 Grand Rapids, MI – 115mi
 Chicago, IL – 218mi


    • Hand Made Human
      Hand Made Human

      If it's still available...may I please rent it for life? I'm really asking, not kidding.

      about 6 months ago
    • Mikael B.
      Mikael B.

      An American: "It's a house made of stone, it has a tower - it's a castle!" lol

      about 7 months ago
    • Tom Couger
      Tom Couger In reply to Mikael B.

      A castle does not have to be large and grand. Many smaller lord's would have built a castle similar to this. The only thing I can really see missing is a wall surrounding the area.

      about 4 months ago
    • Nick Cipollone
      Nick Cipollone In reply to Mikael B.

      @Mikael B. My reply was jesting. Of course it doesn't. But we Americans, not having any (at all) real castles, don't have to be careful about defining them. You actually have castles withing a day's drive, so knowing what the real thing is, you do. It looks sorta like a castle we saw on tour, or TV? Close enough. It seems like a fun house to live in, frankly, not puny at all, quite roomy for a single-family dwelling, and the guy who built it came to a better ending than Ludwig the Mad. Thanks for replying.

      about 6 months ago
    • Mikael B.
      Mikael B. In reply to Mikael B.

      ​@Nick Cipollone A lot of castles in Europe did not have any military significance and were purely built for aesthetics like Neuschwanstein and all the romanticism movement. But that still doesn't make a puny little house a castle just because it has a tower and is made of stone.

      about 6 months ago
    • Nick Cipollone
      Nick Cipollone In reply to Mikael B.

      Being in America, it doesn't have to withstand a siege by invading Russians or Swedes, does it?

      about 6 months ago
    • Carol Weaver
      Carol Weaver

      Absolutely ADORE this home!! Wish I could buy it.. Wow , so cute.. Cozy.

      about 10 months ago
    • David McNealy
      David McNealy

      for who?

      about 1 year ago
    • Reozom

      about 2 years ago