Tesla Model 3 Vs. Nissan Leaf e+ Vs. Bolt EV. Which is the best car for you?
Enjoy the video,
Moshe, TEI

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    • Jerry A
      Jerry A

      So many crazy things have occurred in the GM Corp., am just wondering when GM will scrap the BOLT program because they are losing too much on each unit.  Just the same GM that has erased the VOLT.  I know they have stated multi EV models to come on the scene, but maybe not soon enough to join the party.

      about 1 month ago
    • fatboy19831

      Each car has its advantages. You can buy a Bolt today at a discount while getting the full $7500 federal tax credit. We really do not have any long term reliability ratings on the Tesla 3 yet. The Leaf has had all sorts of battery problems. Chevrolet easily makes the most reliable electric cars. The Bolt most likely is only using about 90% of its battery for long term reliability. The battery is both heated and cooled. The Bolt also has a regular almost CUV step in. The leaf and definitely the 3 have a much lower step in.

      The Leaf is the most " Normal electric car". Most people that drive gas cars can easily adapt to the Leaf. The Leaf has all the switches and knobs we are used to. The Leaf seems like it would be an excellent lease. You may be able to get one for as low as $250 a month. No way I would buy one though. Maybe a 1-year old used leaf under warranty. You may be able to save 40 to 50% off retail buying that way.

      If you can adjust to new technology and don't mind dropping down to 6" off the ground when getting into the car. The Tesla 3 is easily the best car out of the 3. The standard + at 37k 240 miles of range is just a better overall car than the Bolt or the Leaf. Nevermind the 40k Midrange. In fact for just a few dollars more than a fully loaded Leaf you can buy a 325-mile range base Tesla 3 Lr. The Supercharger network is what clearly puts Tesla into another league. The long-range 3 can go from 30 miles to 290 miles of range in 45 minutes. You can charge 100 miles in the time it takes to go to the bathroom. There are superchargers every 50 to 75 miles along the whole east coast. I know 95% of the time you will charge at home. With Tesla you can go almost anywhere a gas car can go.

      If you just need a commuter the Bolt is a good buy or Lease. The Leaf is an excellent Lease.

      about 1 month ago
    • Glenn Millam
      Glenn Millam

      For viewers new to electric vehicles, Tesla has just released the $35k (220 mile range) Standard and $37k (240 mile range) Standard Plus versions of the Model 3. This makes their cost and range similar to the Leaf and Bolt.

      about 1 month ago
    • fatboy19831
      fatboy19831 In reply to Glenn Millam

      The Midrange is now 40k.

      about 1 month ago
    • Roger Starkey
      Roger Starkey

      The leaf actually passed 400,000 this week, but sold less that 700 in the USA in February.
      The king is dead, long live the King!

      about 1 month ago