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Are you trying to develop ADAS algorithms like forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking and test them on real vehicles?

Will the ability to debug and test your algorithms earlier in the design cycle help in accelerating your development process?

If so, find out how Simulink® can help you in developing and testing ADAS algorithms in closed-loop simulation. And since these algorithms need to work in the real world, you will also see how Simulink Real-Time™ can help you in debugging hardware problems earlier in the design cycle.

Learn to:
1) Perform closed-loop testing of autonomous emergency braking algorithms in simulation
2) Debug hardware issues by comparing real-time data with simulation data in Simulink Data Inspector
3) Tune and calibrate algorithms with Simulink Real-Time and compare calibrations in MATLAB®
4) Automate HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) testing and report generation with Simulink Test™


    • Yu Zhang
      Yu Zhang

      like this video. I got to try this today. very informative.

      about 3 months ago
    • Bassel Kh
      Bassel Kh

      Thanks a lot

      about 1 year ago
    • Ryukachoo

      nice graphics, heh

      about 1 year ago
    • Mostafa Al-Gabalawy
      Mostafa Al-Gabalawy

      Where could find this example?

      about 1 year ago
    • EVguy

      Please make this package available for student or home license

      about 2 years ago
    • Crypps Omar
      Crypps Omar

      hello Mathworks , i'm actually using Simulink real time, and I want to Get video in real time on the pc target, but I didn't find any help for that on the net
      can you help me plz ?

      about 2 years ago
    • Megulo Abebe
      Megulo Abebe

      Incredible! With MATLAB, SIMULINK and now SIMULINK REAL-TIME all is possible! Thanks a lot Mathworks for providing engineers, scientists, and developers a framework to make dreams a reality!

      about 2 years ago