Bad drivers, road rage in North America. Compilation #41.
Statistics tell us that most all of us have been involved in an aggressive driving experience either as the victim or the aggressor at some point in our lives.

Aggressive driving and road rage is on the rise, and according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA), it is one, if not the top concern for many drivers today. AAA reported that "at least 1,500 people a year are seriously injured or killed in senseless traffic disputes."

The term "aggressive driving" emerged during the 1990s as a label for a category of dangerous on-the-road behaviors. The category comprises:

- Following too closely
- Driving at excessive speeds
- Weaving through traffic
- Running stop lights and signs

Experts suggest many reasons for the increase in aggressive driving and road rage.

- Sociologists suggest it is due to the breakdown in our society's sense of community and a disintegration of shared values.
- Psychologists point to the intoxicating combination of power and anonymity provided by motor vehicles.
- Traffic engineers tend to believe the problem is due to inconsistent driving speeds among travelers.

Traffic congestion is one of the most frequently mentioned contributing factors to aggressive driving. Drivers with low tolerances for traffic delays might respond by following too closely, changing lanes frequently, or becoming angry at anyone who impedes their progress.

Some people drive aggressively because they have too much to do and are running late for work, school, their next meeting, lesson, soccer game, or some other appointment.

Many otherwise law-abiding citizens often justify speeding when running late, almost as they would a medical emergency. Speeding because one is running late to pick up a waiting child or getting an elderly parent to a doctor's appointment is often deemed as okay in the minds of even some of the safest drivers.

Most motorists rarely drive aggressively, and some never at all. For others, episodes of aggressive driving are frequent, and for a small proportion of motorists, it is their usual driving behavior.

Occasional episodes of aggressive driving might occur in response to specific situations, such as speeding and changing lanes abruptly when late for an important appointment, when it is not the driver's normal behavior.

Among the chronic aggressive drivers there are those who learned the driving style and consider it appropriate and others who may have learned to drive properly, but for whom the behavior is an expression of illness.

Clearly, it is a matter of degree and not all anger is uncontrolled, or even inappropriate, that is, it is not the anger, but what a person does about it that matters (e.g., anger that motivates a person to call the police when encountered on the road by an obviously impaired or dangerously aggressive driver). However, chronic anger, habitual or persistent aggressive driving, and especially a pattern of confrontation on the road, must be considered manifestations of pathology, in addition to violations of the law.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Road Rage: Causes and Dangers of Aggressive Driving
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

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