We all know bearing are made of tough steels. See how I make a classy woodworking tool out of a ball bearing cage!
I am a novice when it comes to blacksmithing so no worries, easy techniques and common machines.

Index of operation and materials:
0:18 Cutting a slot in the cage so it's easier to open
1:32 Flattening the lip of the bearing cage
2:17 Isolating handles material
2:59 Forging bevel
3:10 Drawing out handles
3:58 Bending handles
4:32 Hardening
4:58 Straightening in vise
5:15 Cleaning scales so I can see tempering colors
5:22 Tempering
6:00 Grinding into shape with 2x72 belt grinder
7:02 Rockwell test files. Hardness between 60 and 65 Rc
7:15 Polishing with cotton wheel and fine polishing compound(hand sanded off camera to 1200grit)
7:43 Turning handles of mystery wood
9:35 Drilling hole for tang. 5mm diameter and 11.5mm deep
10:10 Cutting off excess handle with bandsaw
10:29 Fitting and glueing fuller
10:43 White mineral oil on wood (hand sanded off camera to 320grit)
10:57 Refining tang shape and measurements
11:23 Driving in handles with press fit
11:51 Honing the edge with a belt strop. No secondary bevel.

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