ABD is a technical advancement over the existing Vacuum Booster fitted in the Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic Brake System. The main feature and safety aspect of ABD Vacuum Booster is its ability to provide a higher rate of brake force with a soft brake pedal simultaneous to a stage by stage output force effect to Master Cylinder.

Braking Distance: reduce the braking distance by more than 50 %.
Driving Comfort: The reduced input force and the high rate of brake output force enable the driver to feel very smooth and comfort braking experience.
Performance & Safety: The enhanced braking performance avoid occurrence of accidents and during unavoidable situations reduces the impact of collision.
Confidence: It is proven that ABD increases the confidence level of the driver in terms of driving comfort and safety thus enabling tension free journey.
Low wear and tear: Quick braking results to reduced friction and low wheel temperature due to reduced number of braking.
Service & Maintenance: No additional service/Maintenance required to the system once installed.

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