Taking a look at all the rumors and facts about the Dodge Charger Angel! Is this 900+ horsepower beast on the way?

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    • Corey Rogers
      Corey Rogers

      I hope the gt500 is ready to lose to this😂

      about 8 days ago
    • عبدالله الكعبي
      عبدالله الكعبي

      It may mean old for 426 hemi and 919 for hp

      about 9 days ago
    • Alex Ross
      Alex Ross

      Of all the names to come up with that's the best they could do that is a stupid stupid name!

      about 9 days ago
    • DoNkEy LoVeR
      DoNkEy LoVeR

      chrysler 300 angle would be AWESOME

      about 10 days ago
    • CaRnAgE_4_Justin

      How about the Dodge Moses 🤦‍♂️😂😂

      about 12 days ago
    • Patrick Barr
      Patrick Barr

      I believe

      about 16 days ago
    • MYinfinitig35

      I want a regular scat pack charger. Burgundy with black rims. That’s all. Lol

      about 26 days ago
    • MrIntegra1

      I want the 2020 dodge charger angel!

      about 26 days ago
    • John Garrett
      John Garrett

      Dodge angel ?

      about 29 days ago
    • Bob Fox
      Bob Fox

      A four door with more horses than the Challenger. Thats really fucking stupid. Shows once again why Chrysler needed a government bail out. Fucking idiots.

      about 1 month ago
    • 27ccto

      Also rumored that the angel could be an electric vehicle or did I miss that

      about 1 month ago
    • Victor Victor
      Victor Victor

      They Should of Called it “The Pastor” Being that It’s Going to Take all of your Money .

      about 1 month ago
    • Adam Fears
      Adam Fears

      What kind of car do u drive?

      about 1 month ago
    • Marspeed
      Marspeed In reply to Adam Fears

      I have an 09 charger right now

      about 1 month ago
    • D Toy
      D Toy

      What a gay name

      about 1 month ago
    • Adam Williams
      Adam Williams

      The Demon was pushing 840 horsepower, not 808.i may also be thinking of the difference in performance with the black and red keys too, so you may be right.

      about 1 month ago
    • Ryan Sullivan
      Ryan Sullivan

      If it's not a Mustang I don't care

      about 1 month ago
    • erik dennard
      erik dennard

      Blah Blah Blah... the car will be too heavy and run respectable 10 second 1/4 mile.... I don't see low 9's on this thing so obviously I'm not convinced !

      about 1 month ago
    • J G
      J G

      Angel codename is for the new light 2 dr Cuda coming out.

      about 1 month ago
    • john hendricks
      john hendricks

      looks like dodge built themselves a 4 dr. mustang. you are a lil' late dodge, copying off of what ford is about to release(copyright incl.)

      about 1 month ago
    • EverythingSRT
      EverythingSRT In reply to john hendricks

      its ford that always late to the party bud. 2015 hellcat oh we have a new gt 500 coming then demon drops. oh venom kill demons.someone almost lost there job over that statement .then redeye.gets dropped oh we cant release the horsepower numbers on the gt 500 but we will show you the car lol so here we are 4 years later finally its 760hp well good on you. YOU ARE TO LATE to the party again. now there will be a 900+ hp dodge coming charger or challenge or something new who cares its coming 2 years ago the would have been the time to get the gt 500 out now its to late so remind me again how how dodge is late to the party? the 4 door charger hellcat has been out for 4 years and the 6.1 425hp has been around a while 2006 392 4 door charger 475hp 2012 they came out.4 door mustang what a joke.if you dont know you dont know but dont post you just make yourself sound stupid

      about 12 hours ago
    • Nubiansage1

      I think they should keep it Evil 😈 Hell Hound, Succubus etc.

      about 1 month ago
    • Victor Johnson
      Victor Johnson

      The maximun speed limit is 75.

      about 1 month ago
    • douglas eddy
      douglas eddy

      Probably got a supercharged 426 Hemi, turbocharged also would really be something.

      about 1 month ago
    • Adam Johnson
      Adam Johnson

      appreciate your honesty dude

      about 1 month ago
    • Tortminator

      The answer is no. And if it is real then it’s not going to be called the angle

      about 1 month ago
    • scheiw 68
      scheiw 68

      Still a 4 door....

      about 1 month ago
    • JA MASTER Flex
      JA MASTER Flex

      Hellcat + Angel = Hangel

      about 2 months ago
    • Dialysisforever
      Dialysisforever In reply to JA MASTER Flex

      I guess calling a Hell's Angel would not be acceptable.

      about 1 month ago
    • Big_k

      This is not happening, won’t happen, ever happen, not a chance in hell, not gonna happen, not today, not tomorrow, not next year, or the year after that, or in a decade, not will we see a Hellephant, false, false and fake, fake news.

      about 2 months ago
    • Sovereign Knight
      Sovereign Knight

      Most likely will be a Dodge Charger with the new Hellephant 426.

      about 2 months ago
    • Kaden Baker
      Kaden Baker

      Angle sounds gay tho

      about 2 months ago
    • Dialysisforever
      Dialysisforever In reply to Kaden Baker

      That's because you spelled it wrong. I wouldn't want a car called Angle either.

      about 1 month ago
    • Your Problems Aren't Mine!
      Your Problems Aren't Mine!

      Still garbage!, I'm sorry kind of!.

      about 2 months ago
    • Your Problems Aren't Mine!
      Your Problems Aren't Mine! In reply to Your Problems Aren't Mine!

      @Richard Skipper I did just a little bit!. LOL
      Have a great rest of your weekend good sir and I hope you enjoy your Easter holiday!. 🙏

      about 2 months ago