Comparison of removed parts that made 404 wheel hp at 23 psi, That you may not believe, and new parts that we know should be a serious improvement, You judge for yourself!
++++Follow up video+++
Test drive.

Tubski goodness guaranteed!! You gotta hear and see the difference!!

Ceramic ball bearing turbo By Precision power, intercooler by Precison , Infinity Throttle q45 throttle body, Willetrun Intake, Jmperformance Exhaust manifold , new custom, 1000 cc injector clinic injectors, stock Volvo 940 Fuel rail and fuel Lines, Upgraded rubber lines. Walbro 440 lph pump, e85 or pump gas. T56 ^ speed manual, with a QuarterMaster Triple disc NASCART clutch Modified By American Power and brake to be a street friendly twin disc. Motorhead Machine Did engine block and head machine work, as well as building a sts flywheel , DoDge NASCAR Flywheel to mate all together with a machined oine off re useable pilot bearing that aceepts chevy stock pilot , Wilwood clutch pedal and master and slave. Wiseco rods, CX racing/ Max Speeding rods, (5 squirter block b230, YoshiFab Crank gear (have to have it!), Blitz Dual solenoid Bopost controller, Devils own alcohol kit, aem , pro comp, and many others. Special Thanks To Dev and Mike at AA auto for helping out with various weldings and cuttings, and my buddy Derek Cruz , who instigated this nonsense, and many others!

Watch NOW!! Brand New Release "Six Speed Swap with Slipper , Rear Reinforcement , and Double Flare!"


    • Arewethereyet

      That back purging sure has kept it neat inside, no spatter to dislodge and chip your blades. Not twin scroll though? Beautiful bit of work mate. Love the way it was getting enough air to turn the blades just when cranking!!

      about 3 months ago
    • Turbo World
      Turbo World In reply to Arewethereyet

      Nah just v band.

      about 3 months ago