VMCC trip to see Autogyros and their designer, Ken Walls, fly one majestically


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      Não mostra quando decola e nem quando aterriza!!

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      Weldon grandpaaa

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      Старый отморозок конечно крутой,но почему блять стартер не приделать к этому чайнику с пропеллером?

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      This is called ...truely involve ...salutr to sir

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      My Hero

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      Too great sir hatsap sir

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      Респект старому 👏👍

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      Congratulatoins from Poland !

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      +Radionailer дизлайк автору ролика ,а деду огромное уважение

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      дедушка уже умер ему твой дизлайк ,как зайцу 5я нога

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      matusalem xD

      Kenneth Horatio Wallis (26 de abril de 1916 - 1 de septiembre de 2013)[​ fue uno de los principales exponentes de autogiros. Él llevó a cabo (en algunos casos aún mantiene) 34 registros relacionados con ellos.

      Nacido el 26 de abril de 1916 en Ely, Cambridgeshire, Wallis desarrolló un interés práctico en la mecánica, con la construcción de una motocicleta a la edad de 11. En 1936, se inspiró en una demostración por Henri Mignet de su Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel ("Flying Flea"). Usando sólo el libro de Mignet, Wallis reunió los materiales necesarios, y comenzó a construir su propio Flying Flea. Abandonó la construcción debido a la publicidad adversa difundida acerca de los accidentes fatales que un diseño inadecuado implica.

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      Muy buena tu explicación amigo.

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      My Hero!

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      Does not look like a VW Beetle engine to me... what is it?

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      +Bodgemiester103 zoz

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      Rolls Royce

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      nevermind the safety

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    • C4GIF

      RAF Bomber Command who killed and murdered thousands of innocent wifes and children in Dresden... Shame on them!

      about 5 months ago
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      It started in WW ll. 6 million Jews were killed like woman and kids.They passed a law so that the Holocaust would never happen again.The Holocaust was a very bad time for the Jews. The Nazi were punished for killing all those people.Also there leader was name Hitler and he wanted all the power.

      about 2 months ago
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      Really an idiot, history proves me right. Over and out

      about 4 months ago
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      English would be the language your speaking in and your free (wrong) opinion Can only be voiced because you live in a free world. This cannot be disputed.
      People like SIR Ken made this a reality, people like you would have sent the ferry over and allowed the third Reich a free pass to come and slaughter british people and whom ever else they didn’t like, according to your opinion this must be acceptable as it would have been the only other option in the 1940s. War should be remembered and lessons learned but you seem to have missed the point entirely. The allied forces (including Poland) were fighting against a very real and very violent global regime, Britain did not just flippantly go and bomb Dresden it was a tactical decision but unfortunately we didn’t have drones and pin point accuracy missiles we had a Lancaster and the incredibly brave men who flew them.
      Trust me you are being ignorant

      about 4 months ago
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      +Bodgemiester I have not forgotten why they had to take a Trip to Dresden anyway. They knew that this City was overcrowded by refugees from Poland who fled the massacres beeing done by the Polands and Russians on the German families who weere living there since hundreds of years. And so the English finished these massacres of thousands of innocent women and children. Shame on the Polish and Russian and English murderes! And you don't tell me what I have to write here. And take care that you at least seem to be a little bit intelligent.

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