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2.0L I-4 Cyl
Model: 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
MSRP: From $35,955
Curb weight: 3,536 lbs
Horsepower: 212 hp
MPG: 49 city / 47 highway
Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder
Battery: 1.3 kWh lithium-ion
Wheel size: 17″ diameter, 7.5″ width

Dealer comments: With refined new styling in the front and the rear, you've never seen an Accord Hybrid like the redesigned 2017 edition. Elegant redesigned taillights make a bold statement while available LED fog lights help in low-visibility situations. The interior is luxuriously appointed with updated accents and innovative technology. Dual-zone automatic climate control comes standard while the available leather-trimmed seats offer a sophisticated look and luxurious feel along with the comfort of a 10-way power driver's seat. The standard 8-inch high-resolution screen in the dashboard displays information relating to music and phone calls (Bluetooth and SMS text message compatibility comes standard). Opt for the upgraded system with a 7-inch touchscreen display audio with HondaLink where you can touch, pinch and swipe like a smartphone to access the available features. Power comes in the form of 2.0L engine with with a lithium-ion battery which is mated to a continuously variable transmission making up to 47MPG HWY and 49 MPG city. An industry-first two-motor hybrid system uses one motor to accelerate Accord Hybrid from a dead stop, and a second to start the engine and charge the first motor. Switch to Sport Mode in Accord Hybrid and tap into both motors for better acceleration. Power up with either an available push button start or remotely with your keyfob. Other available comfort features include heated front and rear seats, a one-touch power moonroof, and HomeLink Remote System. The multi-angle rearview camera allows you to get visibility with three different angles. Other optional safety features include Honda Sensing which comes with a Road Departure Mitigation System, a Forward Collision Warning, and a Collision Mitigation Braking System.

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    • nana kwame opoku
      nana kwame opoku

      Such a helpful video. I need help with my salvage 2017 Hybrid accord. I need to see the colors that make up the socket that connects to the ac compressor kindly help me out. Thank you.

      about 6 months ago
    • Emz emz
      Emz emz

      my accord almost killed me, braking system failed multiple times. Honda couldn't fix the problem. It has been 2 months and they are on their 4th part replacement. In my opinion dont buy honda and especially their HYBRIDS. I'm WARNING you. costumer serives is terrible, no one gets back to you, I have went back and forth with the head office and dealer ship. This is not how I imagined my new car Experience. I wish I went with the Toyota my second option at the time. Honda has no reliability***
      I want to help as many people now.

      about 7 months ago
    • Nikki Badio
      Nikki Badio In reply to Emz emz

      Emz emz so sorry to hear this happened to you!! Glad you are ok. Sucks that they haven’t followed up with your situation. If you haven’t already, try filing a complaint with the BBB against the dealership. Trust me, they will most likely respond to you! I done that before and my issue wasn’t nearly as serious as yours. Will you be trading in your car and getting a Toyota instead?

      about 3 months ago
    • suzan cameron
      suzan cameron

      How do you charge your phone on this 2017 model?

      about 9 months ago
    • Abbafan

      I bought this exact car a year ago and there are a few flaws I'll NEVER get over; no illumination in the gloves compartment, no button to turn all dome lights on in the vehicle with a single push, tiny door bins, no automatic power rear windows, no fast forward/skip function in the media (awful, simply awful flaw), and last but not least subpar audio system. My shitty 2015 Passat (TSI) had all that and it wasn't even the highest trim (SE).

      Damn shame on Honda. Damn shame.

      about 1 year ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo

      Nice car but no spare tire ruins it. May as well get a Prius if I wanted small trunk space and no spare.

      about 1 year ago
    • john doe
      john doe

      30:15 ... what is that vent on the passenger side???? right side as you look at it...

      about 1 year ago
    • Rouba Smith
      Rouba Smith

      You mentioned that it is possible to have our own background on the middle top screen. Can you please post how you add a background. Thanks and thank you for the video.

      about 1 year ago
    • Jerry Waters
      Jerry Waters In reply to Rouba Smith

      Rouba Smith their is a video on you tube on this done by a dealership the guy used a thumb drive and uploaded it by using vehicle settings menu hope that helps

      about 1 year ago
    • Jijo

      Those who constantly run car in using electricity should have an extra small gasoline tank for temporory run or else more gasoline wastage may occur by keeping in actual gas tank, for run once in a while

      about 1 year ago
    • Rob L.
      Rob L.

      The 2018 Hybrid is an all new system.

      about 1 year ago
    • Richard Stewart
      Richard Stewart

      Thanks for the detailed review. I pick mine up at dealer tomorrow.

      about 1 year ago
    • Matthew Siwula
      Matthew Siwula

      Im driving this vehicle right now, I get over 60 mpg with my route and driving style.  The car is fantastic.  Only thing i would knock it for is typical with accords in general and they are noisy going down the road for the price.  For the same price you can buy a lexus ES 300h which is dead silent going down the road.

      about 1 year ago
    • Mart Rome
      Mart Rome

      gas millage is wrong my accord gives me 40mpg

      about 1 year ago
    • Mr. Dank
      Mr. Dank

      Dude really I'm deaf and you don't have captions I was going to buy this car for my wife but I couldn't hear enything because the captions are DISABLED

      about 2 years ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo In reply to Mr. Dank

      Orchestra Fanatic
      The captions are on by default but for some reason they aren't on this video. Youtube does that sometimes.

      about 1 year ago
    • bob smith
      bob smith In reply to Mr. Dank

      Orchestra Fanatic turn them on on YouTube...

      about 1 year ago
    • MikesCarInfo
      MikesCarInfo In reply to Mr. Dank

      I have everything turned on in the settings I don't know why CC isn't working.

      about 2 years ago
    • CP100

      2:35, the horn got changed? A 2014 Accords horn sounded slightly better.

      about 2 years ago
    • Bobby

      The one thing that drives me nuts on japanese cars is that they put the volume/radio controls on the left side of the wheel. It makes more sense for it to be on the right side of the wheel, using the same hand as you would to operate the radio manually. I guess because they are made right hand drive initially and swapped over? Toyota and Honda do this but GM and Ford have it on the right side of the wheel.

      about 2 years ago
    • Carroll Media
      Carroll Media

      Great review!!

      about 2 years ago
    • rbernal133

      I had a serious question about hybrids, do they use the battery first and once the battery dies it uses the engine?

      about 2 years ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo In reply to rbernal133

      The hybrid and gas engine work together.

      Basically the idea is that hybrid cars use electric engine when at low speeds (no gas used) and gas engine at high speeds. You will hear the gas engine turn on and off while driving streets.

      I don't know about Honda Accord Hybrid, but gas engine commonly starts at 10mph for 2005 Toyota Prius and 30mph for 2016 Toyota Prius. That means you drive completely without gas when 30mph and under for 2016 Toyota Prius, car is extremely quiet.

      The Honda Accord Hybrid has ECO function. If you push ECO button, as shown in video, you go into electric-only mode which uses only hybrid battery. ECO mode is only good for when you are stuck in traffic and are going low speeds. This Honda Accord is reported to only go 40 miles max if you are in ECO mode, assuming you are driving 20mph. Do not use on highway!

      about 1 year ago
    • young leem
      young leem

      you should check all panels levels. I check it mine and also other ones in honda but...

      about 2 years ago
    • MikesCarInfo
      MikesCarInfo In reply to young leem

      Thanks for watching and your feedback :)

      about 2 years ago
    • ysaias Rodriguez
      ysaias Rodriguez


      about 2 years ago
    • Manuel Malagon
      Manuel Malagon

      excellent video!! as always. When I want to look reviews of cars I always look for yours, actually you helped a lot with my most recent car decision. And this video is helping a lot too!! Thanks for taking the time to do this, is very helpful, I appreciate it.

      about 2 years ago
    • MikesCarInfo
      MikesCarInfo In reply to Manuel Malagon

      Thank you Manuel :)

      about 2 years ago
    • J.A. Jones
      J.A. Jones

      STOP😡👎🏽 NO STARE TIRE? 😡NO SALE, good bye👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

      about 2 years ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo In reply to J.A. Jones

      J.A. Jones
      Yeah that kinda ruined it for me. If you want a spare tire but same features, you may want Toyota Camry Hybrid LE. Camry lacks rear heated seats and android auto, but it has birdseye view parking camera, as much mpg as Prius, and massive amount of trunk space (with spare tire under). Gotta weight what you want.

      The Honda is good luxury for people with AAA who would fix the spare anyway. The Camry is for people who want to fix their own flat tire and more MPG.

      about 1 year ago
    • Jerry Waters
      Jerry Waters In reply to J.A. Jones

      J.A. Jones your covered for the first three years by Honda

      about 1 year ago
    • Simplex SM
      Simplex SM In reply to J.A. Jones

      J.A. Jones Just get a AAA membership. Problem solved.

      about 2 years ago
    • Christopher M
      Christopher M

      Fantastic Video! I bought this car today after watching this video. Thanks!

      about 2 years ago
    • 자연치유하늘건강나음터

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      about 2 years ago
    • David Yomi
      David Yomi

      I been driving this vehicle since October 2016.i never get the millage as they mention 48
      my average millage 43.5 per gallon

      about 2 years ago
    • Señor Loco
      Señor Loco In reply to David Yomi

      David Yomi it’s usually less in the real world because that test is done in a controlled environment it also depends on speed and other factors such as temperature

      about 19 days ago
    • Yangorang

      What is the traditional battery under the hood for if there is already a big one in the trunk? Do you still have to change it every x years for the car to start like with regular vehicles?

      about 2 years ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo In reply to Yangorang

      Car battery and Hybrid battery are two different things. Car battery powers car computer, lights, etc. Hybrid battery is only for engine use, moving the car.

      about 1 year ago
    • John K. Lindgren
      John K. Lindgren

      Hands down best Honda Accord Hybrid review on YouTube. Thanks Mike. Bangkok-Johnny AUTO Editor Pattaya Today www.pattayatoday.net

      about 2 years ago
    • Boe Dillard
      Boe Dillard

      Nice car - needs a more comfortable front seat option.   If they offered this engine on an Acura TLX, I'd pay just to get the better seat.

      about 2 years ago

      thank you for the very detailed review. im going to look at this car this weekend. now i know allot more about it.

      about 2 years ago
    • MikesCarInfo
      MikesCarInfo In reply to ESTOUCHFPV

      Thank you and good luck :)

      about 2 years ago
    • Kathy Frutos26
      Kathy Frutos26

      I'm paying 772 a month for this

      about 2 years ago
    • NE
      NE In reply to Kathy Frutos26

      you bought it or leased?

      about 2 years ago
    • Daniel W
      Daniel W

      You didn't even sit in the rear seats, how is this in depth?

      about 2 years ago
    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo In reply to Daniel W

      I think they mean you forgot to mention the leg room for rear seats.

      about 1 year ago
    • MikesCarInfo
      MikesCarInfo In reply to Daniel W

      +Moop S I didn't sit in the passenger seat either... what does that have to do with anything?

      about 2 years ago