Bricks load tata lpt truck Is passing through the mud road in rainy days.
The condition of the road is very bad,Nevertheless tata 12 wheeler lorry crosses some pits,but the tata motors truck trapped in big pit.
In an attempt to remove the lpt truck from the pit,the truck is even more trapped in mud because of overloads.
When the truck driver & helper feel that it is difficult to remove the truck from the pit,they call the truck owner and tell the whole story.
Truck owner comes to the spot and after seeing the truck status,calls the jcb.
After half an hour,jcb 3dx xtra reaches to the scene and gets into work.
Initially jcb backhoe try lift the truck by pushing it from the rear,but success is not achieve.
Finally the tata 12 wheeler lorry is pulled from backwards,where by the truck comes out from the pit.
So watch this great jcb working video.
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