Zach catches the truck on fire by spraying brake clean into the carb while Faith is trying to start it. We find that the fuel filter is in pretty rough shape, remove it, then start it up. We take our truck on its first test drive around the block, then give the truck its first oil change in 25 years. After the oil change, we take it on another test drive. At the top of the hill the truck dies and we have to roll it back home without power steering or power brakes. Zach realizes that we just didn't have enough gas. She starts right up once we fill up the tank, and it's back on the road... for now.

We are on a mission to restore this 1986 F250 that has been parked for 25 years. A true barn find project truck, it has 36k on the clock, a 351 Windsor V8 engine, 4x4, manual 4 speed and a whole lot of dirt.


Joakim Karud:

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Music from Soundcloud
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    • Josh Gastin
      Josh Gastin

      Nice color grading!

      about 2 months ago
    • DsiX

      Awesome guys! It's coming along!

      about 2 months ago
    • The Bad Timing Club
      The Bad Timing Club In reply to DsiX

      Thanks! I cant believe how much work we have gotten done on it already.

      about 2 months ago