IIHS: Tesla Model S, BMW i3 fall short in recent crash tests

The Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius Prime are still the safest plug-in picks.

To be an IIHS Top Safety Pick, cars must achieve a "good" rating in the five crash tests, and have an "advanced" or "superior" available front crash prevention system. Having headlights rated "good" or "acceptable" give it the "plus" rating. While plug-in vehicles like the Toyota Prius Prime and the Chevrolet Volt have earned the IIHS 2017 Top Safety Pick+ award, the recently evaluated Tesla Model S and the BMW i3 come up short.

In the small overlap front crash test, the Tesla's safety belt didn't prevent the dummy's head from hitting the steering wheel through the airbag. The IIHS also noted a possible leg injury in that test. Tesla said it would fix this issue in cars produced beginning January 26, so now its IIHS' turn to smash the car up again to see if its rating improves.

Interestingly, the P100D variant only earns an "acceptable" rating in the rollover test. The roof strength is no different from the rest of the Model S lineup, which are rated "good," but the weight of its big battery puts more stress on the structure while shiny-side-down. Finally, its headlights get a "poor" rating from the IIHS.

The BMW i3's biggest shortcoming is in its head restraints. In a rear-end collision, it only gets an "acceptable" rating, which puts occupants at a greater risk of a neck injury. The IIHS laments that the i3 is the only vehicle in the small car category that doesn't get a "good" rating in this test. The i3's headlights also miss the mark, as the only option gets an "acceptable" rating.

"There's no reason that the most efficient vehicles can't be among the safest," says David Zuby, IIHS chief research officer. If you're wondering about the Chevrolet Bolt, the IIHS says it'll obliterate examples of it in the name of safety later this year.

"small, moderate overlap IIHS crash test 2016"



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      автор, я пожаловался на это видео (жестокие или отталкивающие сцены) так как меня чуть удар не хватил когда я увидел как бьют новую теслу и чуть не умер от зависти :(((
      author, I complained about this video (brutal or repulsive scenes) because I was a little pissed when I saw how they beat the new tesla and almost died of envy: (((

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      0:29 that car has a self es team heart. I mean look. Just doesn’t stop,

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      Wow, I already knew that BMW's were horrible cars, but as unsafe as this model is I'd vote for them to be shut down fully.

      about 2 months ago
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      Tesla’s can be very violent

      about 2 months ago
    • Eric

      atleast you sent the electronics to rich rebuilds right

      about 3 months ago
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      Why do they not show rear end collisions? most of the accidents a self drive car will be in is going to be the car rear ended bye someone.

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      I still find it impressive how fast the airbags deploy!

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      3:50 front crash prevention - Tesla: not available, BMW: advanced. Oh boi.

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      Бмв и Тесла говно, Лада the best. .

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      I thought tesla was going to be caught on fire

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      Bmw airbags are better

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      The i3 is a disgusting piece of shit

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      The real MVP is the person cleaning all these messes up.

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      The i3s body is pretty much all carbon fiber mates

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      Also you are a bike with a motorcycle compare!

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      This guy is a boring speaker

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      OR you can drive like normal human being and not crash :)

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      I want the car hitting the cars at 1:54, that thing didn't even budge one bit😧 looks way more solid then both the bmw and tesla

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      I feel sad for does poor car

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      I used to build the "test barriers" they smash into . They would moan if there was a blemish on the paint work only to smash a car into it 😂. The actual barriers are made of honeycomb metal . Each section has different tensile strength to replicate another car.

      about 5 months ago
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      So big heavy sedan vs lightweight small car.

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      back passenger in the tesla is dead lol the airbag curtain did not even go near its head

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      Bmw good

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      there’s a update on model s https://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/tesla/model-s-4-door-hatchback

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      1:49 the mbw is not that easy

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      0:22 first time i was like ok the left part is gone

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      Tesla is amazing as always

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      I like Tesla, but golly is the Tesla cult strong in these comments.

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      2:30 It's a Wasp LOL

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      Wow the Tesla is way to stiff. Not safe at all.

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