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World War II Studebaker, first start in 40 years,
1959 Hayes first start in 10 years,
1971 Terex 82-40 Dozer first Start in 20 years,
Ferguson TEF 20 first start in 30 years,
1928 Model AR Tudor first start in 30 years,
Ford F500 First start up after 26 year,
Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years,
ISU-152 first start up after many years
1928 Buick Country Club Coupe 1st Start in 50 Years.

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First start,Model A,Model AR,1928 Ford,Barn find,
Ford Model T (Automobile Model),
1928 Buick Standard Coupe,Rat Rod,Original Car,Antique Car,
diesel trucks, diesel truck, cummins, duramax, powerstroke, semi trucks


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      Advance the spark on that model a. Pull down on the lever on the left side of the steering column.

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