If you want your car to serve you longer and save money on expensive service and maintenance, pay attention to these simple yet really important rules. Experts recommend a few things to keep in mind and a few common mistakes to avoid to make your car last longer. If you stick around till the end of the video, we’ll tell you how you can fix a cracked windshield with garlic.
Having the correct tire pressure is a sort of “Goldilocks” situation. If it gets too low OR too high, you can have serious problems. Don't forget about seasonal tire changes and remember to swap your front and rear tires at least once a year.
Sharp acceleration and abrupt braking might feel like fun, but they’re actually extremely harmful to vehicles. If you decide to park on an incline and put your car in Park, it puts too much pressure on the transmission. In rare cases, it can even become dislodged or break down. So the best option is to use the emergency brake.
With the help of the symbols on the car's dashboard, your car can tell you when something's wrong, like when the engine's overheated, something's wrong with the electrical system, or the brake fluid level is too low. Go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to save yourself from expensive repairs or even an accident. Weighing your vehicle down excessively does nothing good for the car's suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and engine. Plus, overloading increases fuel consumption and makes the car more difficult to handle.
Remember that cars, just like people, need regular check-ups and “health” tests.

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Keep your tire pressure in-check. 0:40
Take it easy on the gas and brake pedals. 2:03
Park correctly. 2:42
Don't ignore the dashboard. 3:54
Don't forget about vehicle inspections and repairs. 5:13
Avoid overloading. 6:03
Don't overload the clutch. 6:50
Bonus: fix a cracked windshield with garlic! 7:18

-Check your tire pressure at least twice a month (but once a week is even better). While adding air to your tires, make sure they aren't warm to the touch and don't overfill them.
-If you’re a fan of sharp acceleration and abrupt braking, remember both of them are actually extremely harmful to vehicles. Plus, you’re just burning more gas than you need to.
-Avoid throwing the car into Park before coming to a full and complete stop. The same goes for putting the car into Drive or Reverse before stopping fully: don’t do it.
-If you notice the engine light flashing while you're driving, slow down right away because this might be a sign of a serious problem. The brake light lets you know that somewhere in the braking system something has gone wrong.
-Check your car’s manual to find out how often you should change your oil or air filter and remember that a lot of it depends on your driving habits. Get yearly inspections and keep in mind that routine maintenance will depend on the season and the mileage.
-Get acquainted with the maximum load capacity for your car and stick to it. Try to get rid of all of the useless stuff in your car.
-Don't hold the clutch in at long traffic lights. During short stops, shift to Neutral and press the clutch right before you start moving.
-Take a clove of garlic, cut it lengthwise down the middle, rub the cut side over the crack, and wipe away the excess juice with a paper towel or napkin to keep the crack from getting worse until you can get it repaired.

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      Chris Lee

      You got bamboozled cuz I don’t have a park gear

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      Lalnunmawia Khaimichho

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    • Pheng Yang
      Pheng Yang

      Just don't drive it,for the next 100 years.

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    • Dániel Bank
      Dániel Bank

      Apply fludfilm under the chassis and inside cavities will help the car last longer as manufacturers do not cover all surfaces.

      about 5 days ago
    • Niko Mähönen
      Niko Mähönen

      Ride at redline allways you can!!! It will keep engine healty.

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    • Cars Tube
      Cars Tube

      About #5 I'm always telling my friends but they don't listen.

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      buy a toyota

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      N K

      if i drive reverse it safe gas true or false

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    • Aussie Pom
      Aussie Pom

      Also don't go looking for problems where none exist. People say, 'my car pulls to the right side of the road when I momentarily take my hands off the steering wheel. Yes it will because of the road camber. The road is sloped ever so slightly to allow water to run off the road when it rains. If it didn't the water would flood every road.
      Surpisingly enough the tread on your tiers will not help you in dry weather. The tread is only there to act as a water pumping system in wet weather. The deeper the tread is the better the water pumping system works. We drive on tread tiers because nobody can carry a set of dry road tiers and wet road tiers in their car.

      about 1 month ago
    • Decay of Alberta
      Decay of Alberta

      Non car people need this video. Car people don’t. In number 7, you can get 2-3 years on tires. Depending on how you drive. Number 4, it depends on the age of the vehicle. My 89 f-150 has a engine light on. But that’s because i have hole in the exhaust. That tripped the o2 sensor. Number 1 check your local laws. Being that i have a class 3 license. When working, I have to use the clutch Pedal in at all times at stop light by law. I checked into it for my area. I have to do the same with my truck. I cause get a $250-$500 ticket if caught. But, it barely ever unforced. Most vehicle brand build the clutch parts stronger to prevent damage on the clutch. And tested for Quality control.

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      You couldn't find any pictures of an actual clutch pedal or an actual stick shift? Both pictures you chose for #1 are incorrect. They are both from an AUTOMATIC transmission car, NOT a stick shift. You tend to do that a lot, I remember you did that once when doing a video on frying pans, you said not to use Teflon, then had a picture of a cast iron pan with a red X through it! You then proceeded to say that cast iron was the way to go when you just had a RED X through it! Give me a break, and learn to do better quality videos. You need more professionalism for the amount of views you get!!!!

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      get the long lasting spark plugs for less fuel consumption

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      I have a flashing dashboard and I check in the Google and it's says the engine warning either the sparks plug,or the airflow,or some other things and I still keep driving for a short distance because my friend who is a mechanic is on holiday and when I will bring to the garage it cost me more money just to replace that thing.now that I watch this vedio,I realised it's really dangerous.

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    • foilister

      Never put your car in N. Should always stay in the right gear for the right time. N isnt a gear its a tool for when nothing else works.

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      It's not an emergency brake.
      It's a hand brake

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    • boim senju
      boim senju

      To make last longer is easy and the most easy way is use car every 2 days for just 3 hours each day.

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      Chandler Compton

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      Use uber

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