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Lamborghini Uber in a Lamborghini Gallardo with a few girls! These girls had a blast in the Lambo Uber. I picked up two girls at once, and they had to sit on each others lap. Next time I do UBER in a Lamborghini, I will need to use the all new 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV or the 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan.

My buddy Parker from Vehicle Virgins did a Lamborghini Uber video in his Lamborghini Huracan. Maybe he will do another in his Aventador SVJ. Daily Driven Exotics has done the same thing too. Perhaps Stradman will do an Uber prank video in his Lamborghini as well? Or maybe in his new McLaren 570s.

Ehrling's song is in the Intro and it's epic!!!
SONG CREDIT: Song name is This is my Passion by Ehrling.
His SoundCloud page is:
His Facebook is:
About him: Ehrling, DJ/Producer from Stockholm, Sweden.

It would be epic if Cleetus McFarland did an Uber video in Leroy the Savage, his 7 second C5 Corvette! (world record breaking)

Thank you to Cloud 9 Exotics for providing this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder so I could use it to Uber people in New York City.

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Watch my UBER in McLaren 650s video here:

Watch my UBER in Aston Martin DB11 video here:

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Song name is This is My Passion by Ehrling. I think Casey Neistat had used that in one of his vlogs and that's how I found it.


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Disclaimer: This video and all others on this channel are for entertainment purposes only. Never enter an Uber without first verifying the name of the driver, license plate and color/type of car. Also, have them tell you their name first before you reveal yours. I am not affiliated with the ride share app Uber, and this is not a sponsored video for them.


    • Drive 615
      Drive 615

      Use code for a free $5!

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      Lindad gringas sexi parde gemelitas

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      Airbag? Sem sinto de segurança

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      Yabang mo boy

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      "CAmry?? life's too short to drive boring cars!!" ; this will be a good pickup line to impress girl passengers;

      about 1 month ago
    • kadirolie23

      I would bring these 2 chicks to hotel and fuck together

      about 3 hours ago
    • Allison King
      Allison King

      උත්සාහ දෙන්න ඔබේ ආදරය එක් ඊටත් වඩා ඔහු

      about 20 hours ago
    • Есть - это Счастье
      Есть - это Счастье


      about 21 hour ago
    • GAZi EMRA
      GAZi EMRA

      All your passengers without seatbelt on
      Are violating traffic code and driver should get ticket in accordance with state city laws

      about 1 day ago
    • Battlefire

      nice arsch xD

      about 1 day ago
    • Jose Luis
      Jose Luis

      Duas loiras gostosa ❤

      about 1 day ago
    • Ronald Chan
      Ronald Chan

      Lamborghini on loan from a friend or a rental? Rental fee (with insurance) would probably be several weeks worth of driving earnings. Must be a friend hooking him up with exotic cars for his Youtube video. A Lamborghini would be really impractical as an everyday Uber car (depreciation, gas, maintenance, only 2 seats, tickets, etc).

      about 1 day ago
    • صوص 『l9 』شجاع
      صوص 『l9 』شجاع


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      about 1 day ago
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      Hay ho Clip

      Look at 3.15

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      This is great

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    • Drive 615
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      thank you

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      about 1 day ago

      6:41 WTF

      about 2 days ago

      You copy Hooman TV

      about 2 days ago
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      Mai Hao

      See two girls hix..😋

      about 2 days ago
    • jessie grc
      jessie grc

      I thought you could only have 4 doors with Uber? I wander is this is fake .. or just a fake Uber driver lol

      about 2 days ago
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      Drive 615

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      Ат екен

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      Por ver esas ricas rubias mire Vidio 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      Esas si son perras no como las que me cojo

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    • BOSS Mayak
      BOSS Mayak


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      Vau picke su prave samo jebavat

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      Vicente Flaco

      Creo que si tuviera un carro asi...ganaria muchos dinero

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      Joan Luna

      Traducción al español men

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      Northeast Tiger

      Hey, brother, I like your video very much. If you can add Chinese subtitles, your subscription will be more! !

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      Aquí está el español que Buscaban 🤣🤣

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      Awuebo puro español

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      Hy brother am from indonesian i like your video😎

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      Tk peduli

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