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    • jbm0866

      This thing looks cool, but so does the cheaper Mazda 3. If you consider the Mazda 3 also has more power, interior/cargo room (GT hatchback) the only 2 reasons anyone would choose this instead is because they either like the looks a bit better or need AWD. For me it's a no brainer, 3 all the way, don't see why Mazda even made such a thing when the not much larger CX5 is better all around, and the Mazda 3 as well.

      about 8 months ago
    • K03sport

      Oh look, a soul red Mazda presscar...who would have guessed. I'm not a big guy and I find this car small on the inside and that's after driving a mk4 gti for 14 years...if it had more squirrels under the hood, it would be be better, but as it stands, it just doesn't bring enough to the segment (even w/AWD) for me to choose it let alone like it.

      about 9 months ago
    • Xens Beast
      Xens Beast

      If you want a SUV but you also don't want a SUV then it's a good choice

      about 1 year ago
    • Takuan

      Almost all of the review test cars have that disgusting white leather trim on show. Makes me wanna puke! Otherwise not a bad little car.

      about 1 year ago
    • Stuff stuff and More stuff
      Stuff stuff and More stuff

      What a brilliant car. Especially for the price. I wish the cx3 had a turbo option but I heard the engine is a high compression engine so adding a turbo would be a challenge

      about 1 year ago
    • Edd Vega
      Edd Vega

      brooo, u smashed the rear door! hahahah

      about 1 year ago
    • miguel sanchez
      miguel sanchez

      Did you had the cx5 Mazda

      about 1 year ago
    • Ano Niem
      Ano Niem

      This is just asking to get your screen stolen from your car lol. Why they didn't incorporate the screen into the design?

      about 1 year ago


      about 2 years ago
    • VladimirPOV

      Is it MPH or KPH?

      about 2 years ago
    • yusuke fujiwara
      yusuke fujiwara In reply to VladimirPOV

      around 3:26 mph!

      about 2 years ago
    • mwells2683

      Add an aftermarket cold air intake to that and you are off!

      about 2 years ago
    • mark williams
      mark williams

      People always complain how Mazdas are loud and noisy. This CX3 doesn't seem that loud to me especially for the class

      about 3 years ago
    • Sinister Veritas
      Sinister Veritas

      What a fantastic car.

      about 3 years ago
    • Pedro Carriel
      Pedro Carriel

      velocimeter Caddilac?

      about 3 years ago
    • mark williams
      mark williams

      Fastest in it's class though

      about 3 years ago
    • goldberg 7878
      goldberg 7878

      reverse censor is better than the camera

      about 3 years ago
    • Thomas N
      Thomas N

      I think the CX-3 would be way more fun to drive with the 2.5 L available on the 3, standard on the 6 and CX-5.

      about 3 years ago
    • Andres Salazar Autos
      Andres Salazar Autos

      That 60 to 0 seems very undramatic, no abs noice, no tire slippage, just perfect stopping, at least it looked like it!

      about 3 years ago
    • Unknown Mister
      Unknown Mister

      When you gonna make test of s8 or new q7??You are the best support for you from Serbia!!!

      about 3 years ago

      alguem do brasil? kkkk

      about 3 years ago
    • CodDoctor 937
      CodDoctor 937

      California played and snow?

      about 3 years ago
    • NonAlcoholRider

      good sound:)

      about 3 years ago
    • Nano Flores
      Nano Flores

      one question, by the end of the video are those suspension rattles or was it stuff bouncing around? thanks :)

      about 3 years ago
    • Roads for the World
      Roads for the World

      Great video again guys :), I wish I could do reviews, but I just have two cars I can do videos with :D

      about 3 years ago
    • GabeBarelyUploads

      Can you please drive a toyota avalon

      about 3 years ago
    • kurt roepke
      kurt roepke

      why no manual mazda?California plates with snow on the ground?

      about 3 years ago
    • kurt roepke
      kurt roepke In reply to kurt roepke

      +Sam Mehta no Mazda said no manual for the american market

      about 3 years ago
    • Sam Mehta
      Sam Mehta In reply to kurt roepke

      I'm pretty sure it's because it was imported to California from the factory. I could be wrong, but it's just a press vehicle, so it goes around the United States.

      about 3 years ago
    • Dest Droid
      Dest Droid

      Wow, that is a nice interior.

      about 3 years ago
    • Mr. Mazda
      Mr. Mazda

      Love the direction that Mazda is going with its SUV line. This and the new CX-9 are exceptional value for money

      about 3 years ago
    • Jeff Cook
      Jeff Cook

      Thumbnail= crash about to happen.

      about 3 years ago
    • Nitrogliserin

      such a nice car with pathetic performance

      about 3 years ago
    • mark williams
      mark williams In reply to Nitrogliserin

      It has a 146hp engine , what kind of performance do you expect

      about 3 years ago
    • Nitrogliserin
      Nitrogliserin In reply to Nitrogliserin

      +Matthew Cusanelli Mics could be the real reason but last year I drove the new Mazda 3 1.5L petrol engine and exhaust was too loud compared to a car that only has 100hp! I believe Mazda does this on purpose.

      about 3 years ago
    • Nitrogliserin
      Nitrogliserin In reply to Nitrogliserin

      +Matthew Cusanelli yeah I know. It's not built for performance but if the car doesn't have much power then what's that loud noise for? Mazda do this every time. You know it doesn't have to be that much loud.

      about 3 years ago