Watch our review of the new 2015 Jeep Cherokee 2.0 Limited 140 6-Speed Manual 4x4.

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    • gameblessed

      I returned mine after the horrible customer service. As a matter of fact all American dealerships suck when trying to take in your car. They just don't give a shit.

      about 3 years ago
    • benanderson89

      I rented a car in the states this July and got stuck with the 2.5L Trailhawk version of the Cherokee and all I can say is: what an appalling car. The 9-speed automatic is the single most wittless transmission I have ever used - it didn't even respond well or at all to manual inputs from the gear selector, and its tendency to kick-down with a thud was alarming and sometimes unpredictable.

      It made me really appreciate the MK2 Qashqai my parents own, and just made me hate automatics even more than usual.

      about 3 years ago
    • dxbmick

      Just did 900Km trip over two days through the high country of Victoria in our 2014 Jeep Cherokee diesel. The milage was 7.2/ 100Km. Great handling the AACC was superb but seemed to piss the the forward drivers off.

      about 3 years ago
    • Rui Pereira
      Rui Pereira

      Really poor review!

      about 3 years ago
    • MrSwift05

      The Trailhawk is a beast 3.2 V6 9 speed  it can go anywhere and drives like a car on the highway Put it in Sport mode and feel the power I just love My one !!!

      about 4 years ago
    • Sneakerama17

      first car ever, worth it? everyday use?

      about 4 years ago
    • gary oblock
      gary oblock

      You've dinged the KL for its trail capability yet you didn't review the Trailhawk... seems a might bit unfair... The 2.0L engine is clearly way too small and the UK prices are insane (it's a lot cheaper here in the US) but I've found it reasonable on the trail.

      about 4 years ago
    • TestDriven
      TestDriven In reply to gary oblock

      @gary oblock The Trailhawk model was not offered for sale in the UK at the time of review. Since then, it's become available only as a special order unit. Jeep UK imported 20 units (10 for dealer display, 10 for customer orders) but does not expect to sell any more after that - its poor economy and emissions factor highly here. In terms of ground clearance, the Trailhawk model still lags behind - in UK spec at least, it offers only 221mm, whereas something like a 2WD Volvo XC60 (hardly known for its off-road prowess!) offers 230mm. It's also priced from £34,245, which is still too expensive unfortunately.

      about 4 years ago
    • ابن السلطنه Oman
      ابن السلطنه Oman

      I wounder if  the new Cherokee 2015 V6 ( 3.2) is recommended ? and what about inside the cabin does it calm when diving both off road and on road I mean do you hear the engine sound,tires sound  ..etc ??? how much it is comfortable to drive it for long distance ?
       I will appreciate your response and your help. Thanks a lot .

      about 4 years ago
    • ابن السلطنه Oman
      ابن السلطنه Oman In reply to ابن السلطنه Oman

      Thank you for your fast respons. My best regards.

      about 4 years ago
    • TestDriven
      TestDriven In reply to ابن السلطنه Oman

      @Safeer Oman We've not driven the V6 model because here in the UK it's only available as a special order model.  However, I can't imagine it solves any of the other issues we mention, such as poor ground clearance, disappointing on-road manners, and various ergonomic short-comings.  For the money Jeep  want for the V6 Cherokee (at least here in the UK), a Grand Cherokee is a much better choice in every way.  Hope that helps.

      about 4 years ago
    • Mustafa Al-sheikh
      Mustafa Al-sheikh

      Excellent review and all other reviews on your channel. I like the way you highlight both positives and negatives. very clever and professional. Great camera angle while driving the car. Well done.

      about 4 years ago