*Australian Specs - UK specs to be announced* The LDV T60 is set to hit UK showrooms in September 2019 and, ahead of its launch, we’ve given exclusive access to test out the very first one to land on our shores. Built in China, the LDV T60 is imported by the Harris Group, who have around 40 dealers in the UK.
Forget Chinese vehicles of the past (Great Wall Steed, we’re looking at you!), the cab and interior is extremely stylish and its fitted with all the latest mod-cons. Although slightly narrow, the cab is extremely spacious and the low-sitting windows and dashboard let in plenty of light and provide great all-round visibility.

Our version was furnished with air conditioning, reversing cameras, electrically-headed and adjustable door mirrors (which fold when locked), adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated seats and an eight-way adjustable driver’s seat.
Under the bonnet is SAIC’s (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine, developing 150hp and 360Nm with three driving modes; normal, eco and power. It generates the rumbling groan and drinks the diesel at a rate you’d expect from a brutish 2.8, but it doesn’t produce the goods; even in ‘power’ mode we found it to be quite sluggish.

However, LDV has stated a new 2.0-litre engine – produced in conjunction with VM Motori of Italy – will be used to power UK models. There is the choice between rear and four-wheel drive and between a five or six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic.
By employing a heavy-duty ladder chassis and leaf springs at the rear, the T60 will have a one tonne payload and a towing capacity of up to 3.0 tonnes on four-wheel drive models. The load bed is quite short at 1,485mm (extended to 1,800 on the extended cab), although it is quite wide at 1,510mm and deep at 530mm).


    • Kennedy Muinde
      Kennedy Muinde

      The engine is very noisy

      about 9 days ago
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      no review here.

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    • Franco Delgado
      Franco Delgado

      Is the Maxus T60

      about 1 month ago
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      +Professional Pickup & 4x4 wow, thanks for reply me

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      Yes, in the UK it is called the 'LDV T60'

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    • A L
      A L

      This video is completly useless. Whats the point of driving it around without opinion or comentary.

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      No commentary. Useless waste of time.

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      Get a job! Preferably not vehicle reviews because you suck at them??

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      This is not a review. This is a home video of a recreational drive.

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      where is the review?

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      Ah such a shame.

      The first 10 seconds started off so promising.

      Great filming and quality but Terrible music I just had to skip thru it in the end and NO speech or Opinion which is what everyone is here for.

      Would be great if you could reuse this footage with your drive impressions dubbed over the top instead of that music.

      about 2 months ago
    • Professional Pickup & 4x4
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      Great feedback - I'll work on it!

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      Little anemic I think. Dirt road and off are not the same thing.

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      Lose the music and SPEAK! Also your "off road" was hardly a challenge

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      Shame that you think watching the vehicle driving around is enough.
      You had the chance to do a proper commentary.

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      No one has really done a warts’nall proper review of the T60 off-road. I was hoping this was it. Thanks anyway.

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      Thanks Slade, I'll bear it in mind for the next video

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      Nice quality video, would have been cool if you gave us your thoughts and opinion of the pickup as well as the driving footage.

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      Thank you Squalid Stuff! Feedback taken on board!

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