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The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door is a super sedan -- and a very impressive one. Today I'm reviewing the new AMG GT63S 4-door to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door, and I'm driving the AMG GT 4-door as well.

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    • WildWill4

      I guarantee if Doug reviewed the s63 Coupé it would’ve gotten the highest dougscore

      about 18 minutes ago
    • Nerius Mehta
      Nerius Mehta

      there is a next track button it's the black thumb pad above the volume control on the wheel swipe down for next swipe up for previous.

      about 19 hours ago
    • Picax8398

      God this is just so overdone for a car that will never see the track. Air freshener? Really mercedes?

      about 2 days ago
    • KingDgrant

      I’m buying mine this year

      about 3 days ago
    • SlighceTUNES

      I think they over did it with the center buttons. It could've been something else since its already on the stiring wheel

      about 3 days ago
    • wagagagaggag

      This car is just perfect...

      about 3 days ago
    • Abdulrahman Saadi
      Abdulrahman Saadi

      You just convinced me to buy it.
      In Forza Horizon

      about 3 days ago
    • Alpha KING2REAL
      Alpha KING2REAL

      I'm honestly starting to think that Mercedes are made by aliens I hate that they make this damn car so damn great. .

      about 6 days ago
    • Vid Jančar
      Vid Jančar

      Doug the type of guy to match his shirt to the car he's driving

      about 7 days ago
    • Vid Jančar
      Vid Jančar

      If you like this comment...

      ... I will get a notification

      about 7 days ago
    • likemikeleezy

      am I lost? this car does not look good to me. the rear inspired by an a7 and the silhouette of a ford fusion... where is mercedes design language going? lol lacks the power and distinction... this car to me is like when they copied X6 w/ the GLE63. Ugh.

      about 8 days ago
    • madscientist 666
      madscientist 666

      Its ok car. But not so special

      about 8 days ago
    • GOD

      Highly doubt it laps faster than the Panamera

      about 9 days ago
    • rezo94

      Cool factor: 6???? are you fcking kidding me? this car is a fcking minimalistic masterpiece, no dumb overkilled "cool" exterior bodywork.... this car is 8+

      about 9 days ago
    • Bluecavemen

      kind has that face you just want to punch for some reason

      about 10 days ago
    • mgm

      In 2 years the car will lost more than 50 % cost, from its initial price.

      about 10 days ago
    • Roddy v
      Roddy v

      they fooled you doug :( those aren't actually centre lock wheels, they are a five lug wheel with a screw on centre cap that covers them...

      about 10 days ago
    • Christian Jittan
      Christian Jittan

      For Mercedes and the price of this vehicle they can do better with the infotainment system come on Mercedes the last thing someone wants is to be cruising down the road and fighting to find song they want to listen to

      about 11 days ago
    • Cam Coder
      Cam Coder

      Wonder full next track button lol but can it play dvds

      about 11 days ago
    • Albert Boomer Natty Vegan Einstein
      Albert Boomer Natty Vegan Einstein

      Doug the type of guy to wear 2 pajamas

      about 11 days ago
    • TinFlyer Meyer
      TinFlyer Meyer

      Doug the type of guy to piss himself during acceleration.

      about 12 days ago
    • unReal_wResTLer

      Well, the fake exhaust disease hit the 4 door coupe too

      about 12 days ago
    • unReal_wResTLer

      Doug giving sl65 8/10 but to this one 7/10

      Interior + exterior minimum 9/10

      about 12 days ago
    • Arabiantxn

      That's like me when I sleep I ask Alexa to play rain and Thunderstorms sounds and turn fan on
      Or if it's cold I ask alexa to play blizzard sounds and turn fan on

      about 12 days ago
    • sean c
      sean c

      I only have 159.000 to burn. Oh well.. I guess I'll have to catch the bus.

      about 12 days ago
    • Jaa Bre!
      Jaa Bre!

      Just for ppl who are wondering, I went to one of the California's Benz dealers, and asked them how much would be to lease this exact gt63s, they want 10k down and $3000/month for 4 years Lease. If You consider yourself as potential buyer of this ultimate car, be very careful, because dealerships will try make a lot of profit selling/leasing you this vehicle. Don't be stupid!

      about 13 days ago
    • Ethan Robertson
      Ethan Robertson

      Doug I love you

      about 14 days ago
    • Kifter

      Doug the type of nigga to wear a carbon fibre condom to save weight

      about 15 days ago
    • Blakslee Woody
      Blakslee Woody

      Who is here after the Doug Awards?

      about 16 days ago
    • willie_ beemin
      willie_ beemin

      Rather have the M8 Gran Coupe Competition!

      about 17 days ago