Sweeping changes are coming to the No. 1 car maker in the U.S. General Motors said Monday it needs to save money, so it is cutting about 14,000 jobs — about 15 percent of its workforce — and stopping production at five facilities in North America in the next year. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave has the reaction from the assembly line to the Oval Office.

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    • Sonyag1

      Rust Belt voters need to have loved their paychecks more than they hate Latino migrants.

      about 7 months ago
    • Jay Mandell
      Jay Mandell

      Globalist Motors

      about 7 months ago
    • Milhouse

      Is America great again? 😆

      about 7 months ago
    • ZigZag

      Problem is, like all other US auto manufacturers, GM doesn't build a quality product. Next time you are driving, take a look at most of the cars on the road. They are foreign cars. My wife and I will no longer drive a car made by a US company. We only drive cars that are Japanese brands. Costs the same for a way better product. the Us government bailed GM out a decade ago, and all that did was buy GM some time. The downsizing of GM was inevitable. So, those blaming Trump and his China tariffs are ignoring the real reason GM is cutting production.

      about 7 months ago
    • Avion Mech
      Avion Mech

      Nobody NOBODY wants to buy a bucket of bolts worst car I ever bought let them go UNDER NOBODY WANTS THEIR PRODUCT DUH

      about 7 months ago
    • Maddox Tolliver
      Maddox Tolliver

      *wonder how many of these guys **_IDIOTICALLY_** voted for the **_"DOMESTIC JOBS" in CHIEF._*

      about 7 months ago
    • Magatism

      Defund GM, fund a new Modern automaker, these organizations have outlived their usefulness.

      about 7 months ago
    • Pierre Jefferson
      Pierre Jefferson

      This will also add to the homeless population eventually? Jobs
      are becoming harder and harder to find. The American Dream is
      a thing of the past.

      about 7 months ago

      We need to buy american cars .no imports.

      about 7 months ago
    • Sam Obama
      Sam Obama

      This always happens and they still get paid by the union!

      about 7 months ago