TOP 8 Luxury Yachts In The World

Here are the top 8 future concept yachts which only the rich will be able to buy.

#1 Oceanco - Cosmos 90m :
Miami-based designer Luiz DeBasto and Dutch yacht builder Oceanco have teamed up once again, this time to reveal a new motor yacht design named Cosmos. The 90-metre project is groundbreaking in terms of glass used as a material to form the exterior of the yacht, with the pinnacle being a glass dome-shaped observation lounge on the upper deck.

#2 Sinot - Nature 120m :
Project NATURE features a panorama deck with an enormous size of 900+ sqm and a fully functional inner garden with a climate control system. Another fine place should be the observation lounge in the bow. The yacht has a beam of about 15m but the aft area of the main deck has retractable platforms to open the beach club. Guests can find their sleeping places in eight staterooms and VIP cabins οr they can enjoy a luxurious Spa deck, gym, and swimming pool.

#3 Se77antasette Yacht :
Benetti has introduced a new 77m concept, Se77antasette, in cooperation with designer, Fernando Romero on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show. The concept sees Benetti stray from its typical lines to a new form. Se77antasette's innovative design features include a glass dome on top of the sundeck that is able to hide all of the yacht's navigational equipment inside the superstructure without diminishing its capabilities.

#4 Ottantacinque 85m :
The Ottantacinque, 85m luxury superyacht proposed by Fincantieri is a unique design capturing the imagination of Pinifarina Italian design and engineering, the most notable feature being the twin aft deck swimming pools providing a true aquatic experience for guests. This special concept yacht is the first partnership between
the Fincantieri shipyard and Pininfarina design team.

#5 Linea 90M Yacht :
British design studio Claydon Reeves has opened up about its latest 90 metre yacht concept Linea, the first details of which were revealed at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show. Developed in collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts and interior design specialist March & White, Linea features a flowing profile inspired by classic Italian cars.

#6 Oceanco - Amara 120m :
Amara, Oceanco's newly designed and engineered 120-meter private yacht concept, designed in collaboration with Sam Sorgiovanni Designs was unveiled by His Excellency Saeed Harib, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Vice President and Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club - Mina Seyahi, and Senior Advisor to the Dubai International Boat Show. Oceanco revealed the lifestyle philosophy of creating a yacht designed for extended families and friends. Amara provides unparalleled living and entertainment facilities for up to 20 guests. The contemporary interior with natural timber, stone and textural carpets and fabrics blend to create an inviting and natural environment.

#7 Oceanco - Spectrum 102m :
At the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oceanco revealed its latest design, the 102m Project Spectrum. There is a close relationship to the sea throughout the yacht, with a seamless flow from outdoor deck spaces to the interior. Light was a very important aspect in creating Spectrum, with large windows and extensive balconies all helping bring the outside atmosphere into the interior. The lower deck includes a wellness suite with sauna, steam room, beauty treatment area and massage rooms, with two terraces opening symmetrically port and starboard from the massage room and gym areas.

#8 Bugatti Niniette 66 :
Bugatti, the French manufacturer behind one of the world’s fastest production cars has launched a new luxury yacht, the 66-ft Bugatti Niniette 66, based on the design of its £2.1m Chiron supercar. The carbon fibre, marble and leather-decked out model, which can reach top speeds of 44 knots, boasts everything from its own Jacuzzi and champagne bar, to a fire pit and lavish double bed.

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