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+Spa-Car Hot-Tub
Colin Furze is a British garage inventor and one of my favorite YouTuber. He converted his 28 years old BMW car into a hot tub on the wheel.

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+The BigFoot
BigFoot, designed by a great motor enthusiast Bob Chandler, in 1974 in the US.
Bob created Midwest four-wheel-drive to fill that 4x4 gap the first Bigfoot had 48 inches tall, four-wheel steering in a supercharged eight-cylinder engine. Bob unveiled the biggest of monster trucks.

+ Photo-Camera-Car
Harrod's blanks camera Van, the van was covered with a lot of cameras on its exterior surface.

+ Ghost Car [King Of Customs]
After opening the door, you can see the absence of Steering Wheel, accelerator, and breaks.
Actually, the steering wheel, accelerator, and break, all these are precisely installed at the backside of the car.

+ Ford-Fairmont Snow-tank
One man from Saskatchewan in Canada was tired of people due to not getting their attention to his 1978-Fairmont. Its body was installed on Snow-Cat chassis, with extra wide tracks, this Grandma sedan can go anywhere.

+ Stubby Bob
Two famous engineers Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger from a YouTube channel Roadkill took a 1950s-Ford-F6 dump truck and shortened the wheelbase to just 102-inches so that it would look freaking-awesome.

+ Pre-Range-Rover-Land-Runner
Fred and Dave attempted to build one vehicle that can run on all types of terrain.They combine an old Range-Rover with a Ford-Ranger to build a Pre-Range-Rover-Land-Runner.

+ Colour changing Car
The thermo-chromic paint is the same material that is found in mood rings and under the screens of smartphones or LCD.
Paramagnetic colour is another magical solution, that can change colour under the influence of electricity.
Hydra colour is another colour, which has the ability to change its colour under the influence of moisture!

+ Loudest-Car | The Team-Hale-Car
Alan Dante is a world champion for several years in Brazil. He modified his car into the loudest car due to its ability to produce 184.6 dB of loudness.

+ Pool Table Car
Vinny Bergman, combined both his old car and a Pool Table. For this, he selected Chevrolet Monte Carlo from Late 90s.
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