Built for the serious enthusiast. Equipped for modern driving.

Introducing: The FJ Company Sport

After establishing a reputation for quality restorations of Land Cruisers, we wanted to push the limits, and design a 40-series Land Cruiser to meet the demands of modern driving, while honoring the timeless beauty of the original design.  

We love the rugged features of the 40 Series. We love its simplicity. We love its utilitarian approach... but often times, we wanted a little more.

A classic Land Cruiser that could be used for a quick spin around town – or on a weekend trip to the beach – but given the opportunity, a vehicle that could be pushed hard…. on and off-road.  

It’s a delicate balance between CLASSIC and MODERN. 

This is why we created: "The FJ Company Sport" 

The FJ Company Sport is an authentic Toyota Land Cruiser. An original chassis, an original steel body, but its powertrain has been fully upgraded with more modern features.  

Possibly the most significant upgrade is the engine. The Sport model has a more modern Toyota fuel-injected engine, 6 cylinders, rated at 210 horsepower. It’s available as a 5-speed manual or automatic.  It’s versatile for a quick spin around town or to cruise comfortably on the highway.  Apart from the additional power for on and off-road conditions, it preserves the sound, the looks, and the reliability that you would expect from any Land Cruiser.  

With the additional power and greater speeds of the Sport model, steering needed an upgrade. The Performance Steering System comes included in all Sport builds starting in 2017. It improves the responsiveness and accuracy of the stock power steering setup.

Inside, you’ll find thoughtful modern comforts: digital classic-looking controls, air conditioning, your choice of modern seats, sound system... Other options include seat heaters, interior LED lighting, and even a rear-view back-up camera system.  

The exterior is your blank canvas. We custom build each Land Cruiser to meet the preferences of our clients. Color, hard top vs. soft top, bumpers, accessories, tire size... just about every aspect of your dream Land Cruiser can be customized. And you can see it all using our website. 

And of course, there’s the option of doing the more traditional FJ40, or an FJ43 which has a slightly longer wheel base and additional cargo space.  

Driving a custom Land Cruiser by The FJ Company is a truly unique experience. Most of our clients have theirs as a 2nd or even 3rd vehicle, but ask any of them which one they are looking forward to driving….  More than not, they want to get behind the wheel of their Land Cruiser from The FJ Company.  

Learn more and build your own at bit.ly/FJcoSport

Follow us in Instagram at: www.instagram.com/fjcompany/


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    • Moiz Rehman
      Moiz Rehman

      KING of OFF Road

      about 11 hours ago
    • Moiz Rehman
      Moiz Rehman

      Wa0 Wat a Daimond piece
      My Dream

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      ramzy zoom

      It's worth $ 5.000 no more.

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      Safwan Alkolany

      اليمن تحتاج اليه

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      Mark Cao

      I want it... But at a cost of 160,000USD.....NOOOOOOOOO

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      ارخص وحده قيمتها ٦٠٠،٠٠٠ الف 🤦‍♂️

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      Vivek Chauhan Rangala

      Make it available in Himachal Pradesh

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      عاشق البيج

      مافي شاص قديم 😍🇸🇦

      about 5 days ago
    • travel2lover

      I loved this model in the past I had the 1981
      احببت هذا الموديل كان عندي 1981

      about 5 days ago
    • Mohamed Hammad
      Mohamed Hammad

      Give me this webcam

      about 5 days ago
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      فخامه حشيبري

      سيارات الجبال في اليمن🇾🇪👍

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      my dad's car back in 80's

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      hllo word lttll BAm

      حبه ونص

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      ابن السعيده/ Aben AlSaeedh ALYMeN الفارس


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    • talal aldossary
      talal aldossary

      اعجبني .. كم سعره ؟

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    • Abo.alalya

      160.000 $
      It’s 2 much
      It’s horrible

      about 7 days ago
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      Anto djogja

      General Soeharto car in 1965

      about 7 days ago
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      سعد الحارثي

      لو ينزل السعوديه انا اول عميل انشالله 😍😍

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    • abdulmajeed .H
      abdulmajeed .H

      I need one like it

      Will be great if I did some advantures in Saudi Arabia's desert with it

      about 7 days ago
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      khalid alsenaidi

      عشق كل العمانيين ما شاء الله 🇴🇲❤️

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      Abhishek Khandelwal

      I will buy this

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      Jd Xp

      My father love it ! One of the best 4x4

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      ❤️🇸🇦 عشق كل السعودين ماشاء الله

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      @محمد محمود متو بغيضكم
      ارفع راسك انت سعودي

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      @Fadel Fadelf رايك وانت حر

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      @Talal Ksa هذا ما أراه يا أخي طلال، بإستثناء اللكزس سيارات تويوتا وخاصة الجيوب والهايلكسات تشوه البلد.

      about 5 days ago
    • Talal Ksa
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      @Fadel Fadelf تشوه مدن السعوديه ياساتر ترا سياره وش دخل التشوه ههههههههههههههههه

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      اوراق هشام بن الحكم

      كارثه البترة

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      احمد الشرجبي

      جميل جدا

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      The real GAPURO MBAH

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