Here's a crazy compilation video for boat crashes, accidents, & mishaps.

Motorcyclist Falls onto Boat.

I'm not going to waste any time getting started because I'm really eager to share some boat crash clips. How eager? About as eager as this guy is to get on his boat. There's an old saying, a shitty bike rider gets on his boat first. Well it's not really a saying but I think it should be.

Whale watching ship crashes into dock while spectators flee.

Whale watching on a large ship is a great way to enjoy the open water except when you have Skipper & Gilligan manning the helm. Okay people, who's next? Don't by shy, climb aboard. I'm guessing the refund counter for this boat tour suddenly got really busy. Look at that poor old lady almost run down by a boat. It's like watching a snail trying to dodge a car.

2 large ships crash into each other.

You have to be a pretty bad captain to crash into another ship when there is 10 miles of sea on either side of you. I have the feeling these ships colliding was no accident. It looks more like a case of boat rage. Nothing like dropping a hundred thousand dollars to get out some waterway frustrations.

Boat speed racer does a flip.

Not all boat crashes or accidents are bad. Check out this speed boat racer who does a 360 Top Gun flip over another boat. Like a boss!

Speedboat crashes into a crowd of people. Speed boat racing on a little track is pretty crazy if you ask me. It's even more crazy when the driver of the boat decides to make a pit stop into the crowd.

Ship crashes into a little boat.

Here's the worst spot to stop your boat unless of course you are waiting for a large ship to crush you then it's the perfect spot.

Boat trailer accidentally comes loose and crashes into a truck.

Not all boat crashes happen on water. This messed up accident reminds me of an action movie where the good guy launches a boat trailer while saying something like, “Anchors away” or “Die you piece of ship!” or “You're sunk!”

Cruise ship accident.

Here's a pretty wild boat mishap shown from the inside of a cruise ship getting beaten up by the ocean. Wow, they have to start nailing that shit down. I don't want to make light of the situation but I can't help but laugh a bit at the lady still at her table. She's just sitting there watching a waiter go whizzing by. Excuse me, I ordered my chimichangas an hour ago. Dang this is the worst service ever.

Large ship accidentally crushes small boat while docking.

I don't have a lot of boating experience but even I can tell this is not the way to dock a large ship unless of course someone is in your parking spot.

Ship crashes into bridge causing major damage. I don't know what the hell just happened here except for someone just got fired.

Thanks for checking out our 10 boat crashes, accidents, and mishaps video. Feel free to rant and rave in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all our 10 Favorite Things.


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      It's crazy what they could build with bamboo and coconuts .... everything and anything.... except of course a boat or even repair their damaged one lol.

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      The commentary was unnecessary and certainly not funny

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      The boat hitting bridge happened in welland Ontario Canada, the bridge operator was drunk fired

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