1:18 Assembling, 37:47 Finished Assembling, 38:09 Program Card, 41:53 OMG Servo, 43:40 Start Working On Body, 51:39 Steering Wheel, 1:02:28 Show Chassis, 1:05:55 Finished Everything, 1:13:14 How To Drift Tips

Download 3D files from this video:
🌐 Website www.DarkDragonWing.com
📘 Facebook bit.ly/FacebookDDW
📦 Online Store bit.ly/eBayDDW
🛍️ Product Recommendations bit.ly/amznDDW
Yeah Racing X DarkDragonWing® Motion Steering Wheel For 1:10 Touring Drift RC Car #YA-0539
USA goo.gl/FxZbaa
HK goo.gl/NcPWQ0
Australia goo.gl/SsEM7o

Ferrari 458 Body
eBay goo.gl/dzqiao
Amazon amzn.to/2oLFsQ2

Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit
eBay goo.gl/DdwJyV
Amazon amzn.to/2nPXMbg

3Racing Sakura D4 RWD 1/10 Drift Car Kit #KIT-D4RWD
eBay goo.gl/IW2VZI

Parts To Complete RC Car (RECOMMENDED):

Onisiki 2.4GHz 2 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver
eBay goo.gl/1n2kcr

Servo OMG Low Profile Brushless (This one is good, but expensive)
eBay goo.gl/hptLmO

Kawada 48P 22T Steel Pinion Gear
eBay goo.gl/PJjtsc

Onisiki Hell Blaze 60A Brushless Sensored ESC 17.5T Motor
eBay goo.gl/DvGJ2T

7.4v 8000mAh Lipo Battery
eBay goo.gl/nn6lGp

Imax B6 Balance Charger+AC Adapter
eBay goo.gl/z2UsM6


Yeah Racing Hackmoto 540 Brushless Motor 10.5T 3600kv

Speed Passion Aventador S 40A ESC

LED Program Card

(User Manual) www.rcmart.com/manual/speedpassion-sp000007-manual.pdf

Engine Bay:

2JZ Engine Bay
eBay goo.gl/7TsX66

Permanent Marker Set Sharpie 24 pcs
eBay goo.gl/KWIfYG


DuraTrax Gun Metal
eBay goo.gl/uqTSt9
Amazon amzn.to/2oFJlXl

Spaz Stix (SZX10009) Ultimate "Mirror" Chrome
eBay ebay.to/2P7OotF
Amazon amzn.to/2oKajwF

Tamiya PS-31 Smoke
eBay goo.gl/1k8gN7
Amazon amzn.to/2nIhMri

Transparent Colors

Tools For RC Modify:

ABC Hobby Masking Tape 15mm Width x 18m
eBay goo.gl/2xzD9M

3M Mounting Tape
eBay goo.gl/gXDStt
Amazon amzn.to/2p65Lx8

Dubro 2331 lexan Body Reamer & Scissors Set
eBay goo.gl/uHkXpX
Amazon amzn.to/2nF4MTx

X Acto Knife
eBay goo.gl/9Knkdg
Amazon amzn.to/2nbSdUh

Soldering Iron 60W
eBay goo.gl/aqH0Tu
Amazon amzn.to/2oGmhV3

Soldering Wire 60/40
eBay goo.gl/str3K6
Amazon amzn.to/2nCthR5


RC Car 1/10 DRIFT Wheels 9MM Offset Gold
eBay goo.gl/RoncDt

9mm offset RC 1/10 On-Road Drift Car Plastic Tires
eBay goo.gl/meByd4

After Market RC Parts:


Round Magnet Body Posts
eBay goo.gl/hiQ5fr

Extra Round Magnets for Body Posts 12x2mm
eBay goo.gl/haOabK

100Pcs 6x1mm Neodymium Magnets
eBay goo.gl/UcysCO

100pcs 6×1.5mm Magnets
eBay goo.gl/8ZAGJe

M1.2x4mm Bolts
eBay ebay.to/2Lz0uJa

M1.2 Nuts
eBay goo.gl/syOX9z

M1.2x4mm Self-tapping Screws (Silver)

M1.2x5mm Self-tapping Screws (Silver)
eBay goo.gl/lJNeZr

Roll Cage Balloon Sticks
eBay goo.gl/nL5l5g

GT POWER 12 LED Flashing Lights
eBay goo.gl/9Lq5cj
Amazon amzn.to/2oaPBVW

Amaco 1/16 Aluminum Contour Mesh AO50004D
eBay goo.gl/dGr7Qn
YouTube Audio Library www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Ill us Music

NICKV. - Sunday Stroll: automobilrevue.net/v/M2VjTmhzVUhKZDQ
DOCTOR VOX - Outcast automobilrevue.net/v/b2s2UGlQSnpweTg
DOCTOR VOX - Level Up automobilrevue.net/v/ZVVYMzlNXzBNSjg

Song: Ellis - Migraine (feat. Anna Yvette) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Video Link: automobilrevue.net/v/LU02MF9ZVXZBNW8

Song: Blazars - Polaris [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Video Link: automobilrevue.net/v/NUZ2QmdfOUJEa1k

TULE - Lost [NCS Release] automobilrevue.net/v/aC1uSGRxQzNwUHM
From The Dust - Alive: automobilrevue.net/v/b1ZWYXktZjBpVUk
Camera: SONY FDR-AX100
eBay goo.gl/L0DmM1
Amazon amzn.to/2ozDQcy
Video By:
Krissana Mingkwan Mackey - กฤษณะ มิ่งขวัญ แม็กกี้
Thaweesak Mingkwan Manny - ทวีศักดิ์ มิ่งขวัญ แมนนี่
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