Following the Time Bandit Offshore Race Team, here's just a few of the highlights from just one weekend in Detroit. We have have tons more footage and more online shows to come. Grassroots racing as we follow Travis Lofland, deadliest deckhand, and veteran offshore racer Bob Mazikowski as they develop the team and race across the country. The boat is sponsored by Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand, Captains of the Time Bandit. We have hours of footage and this is just a tip of the iceberg as we develop our online show.


    • thepoint08

      Wow.... pretty cheap fuel.....70 gals for 27.00 is 2.60 a gal....

      about 6 years ago
    • phish4phun2000

      Let me know when your racing in Florida.. We want to come support ya'll. Pastor Tommy Love love love

      about 6 years ago