This is an animated video that explains the difference between a hub, switch, and a router. It explains how a router works, how a switch works and how a hub works.

This is what I personally use
It's a modem/router combo that I have in my home.


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      Router recommendation (affiliate) - This is a wifi router with a built-in switch that I recommend.

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      at the end why is there a router in the center of the other routers

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      What is an IP address?

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      A very good explanation of basic networking. A great resource for beginning stages of setting up & understanding.

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      For the last example - What if the blue network had a hub instead of a switch? Would that mean the data from the red computer would go to each computer in the blue network?

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      This has to be one of the best explanations I've come across on the Internet; I've now subscribed to this channel.

      One question about traffic flowing across the Internet in your last demonstration. If routers work by IP addresses, and Switches by MAC addresses, how does a packet of data make it from a router, to a switch, and then to a computer? Does the router have a table that maps IP addresses to MAC addresses?

      Thank you, and keep up the great work!

      about 1 month ago
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      Routers work by mac adresses and ip adresses.

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