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In this video we'll take a look at top 10 things you probably didn't know about the 2017 Lexus LX 570 the most expensive Lexus SUV! You'll be surprised by most of the items on this list! I hope you enjoy!!!

Time Stamps-
0:21 #1 Futuristic LED Tail Lamps
0:35 Cool Box
1:13 #3 Turn Assist
1:28 #4 The Hand Crafted Steering Wheel
1:54 #5 28 Air Vents and Cabin Air Filter
2:13 #6 Multi-Terrain Monitor
3:58 #7 Active Height Control
4:36 #8 Heads Up Display
5:03 #9 All Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
5:19 #10 Climate Concierge

Crafted to conquer demanding terrain from remote off-road* vistas to black-tie premieres, the 2017 LX 570 boasts a completely redesigned interior, generous eight-passenger seating and enhanced V8 performance.
A 5.7-liter V8 with enhanced acceleration adds to the power behind the prestige.
Leading-edge safety, navigation and performance technologies make the LX as intelligent as it is elegant.
Luxury knows no bounds with an expansive, customizable cabin, third-row seat and ample cargo space.
Convenience meets cutting-edge technology with the available dual wide-screen Rear-Seat Entertainment System and available Mark Levinson® Audio.
The LX offers a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle’s surroundings for added safety and peace of mind.
The available Lexus Enform Destinations offers convenient 24-hour access to a live response center agent to help you locate a specific business, address or point of interest. If you're searching for a restaurant, the agent can help you narrow your choices by distance or type of cuisine, and remotely send the destination to your vehicle's Navigation System. Lexus Enform Destinations is complimentary for the first year of ownership.
Remote Touch allows you to easily move through logical menus of the vehicle's features. Located centrally for your comfort and convenience, buttons on either side are accessible to both the driver and front passenger.


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