• Mihai Pastravanu
      Mihai Pastravanu

      Where is the test?

      about 4 months ago
    • حيدر حيدر
      حيدر حيدر

      The compny manifactures Car B.M.Wvery good and nice faithfull to people.

      about 8 months ago
    • Curts Sallee
      Curts Sallee

      BMW 4life

      about 1 year ago
    • Curts Sallee
      Curts Sallee

      Keep in mind theses cars are fresh off the press new

      about 1 year ago
    • Thecougar66

      Ideal cars for when you need to go over a see-saw on your way to the office. However if you need to go across a wet verge or get out of a muddy car park, get your rope out and look for a Landrover...

      about 1 year ago
    • J. C
      J. C

      wow, im surprised the driveshaft and u joint didn't crack from that kind of tilt. Because my X6 did

      about 3 years ago
    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов

      в Ауди кнопку офф роад вкючать не пробовали? в асфальтовом режиме у кватро самоблок отключен для лучшей управляемости. Кваттро не боится диагоналей

      about 3 years ago
    • ümit ince
      ümit ince

      comon there is a great machine called range rover instead of the shits of bmw

      about 4 years ago
    • John K. Lindgren
      John K. Lindgren


      about 4 years ago
    • Phát Trần
      Phát Trần

      how can the headlamp blink?

      about 5 years ago
    • Matthew Martinez
      Matthew Martinez

      this is the dumbest fucking video ever. fuck you BMW and suck my huge hairy taint

      about 5 years ago
    • Eric Uh
      Eric Uh

      bmw xdrive for off road are you kidding me?even toyota AWD is better than bmw

      about 5 years ago
    • Lapa Killa13
      Lapa Killa13 In reply to Eric Uh

      you have to be a dumass to use BMW in off road. BMW is race breed car not off road all they show is how they can get through different problems you can encounter. and toyota sucks compare to Land Rover

      about 5 years ago
    • Latnok J
      Latnok J

      test is test, dont be serious

      about 5 years ago
    • BMW LIFE
      BMW LIFE

      fucing merecedes

      about 5 years ago
    • ChineeyMark_BxNY


      about 6 years ago
    • Desca

      That's awesome I love to participate in all of this test drives.

      about 6 years ago
    • Ralph9876

      very cool.. Where was this test track ?

      about 6 years ago