Ranging from $2.7 Million - $38 Million these are the worlds most expensive cars!

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8.Lamborghini Veneno

PRICE - $4.5 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - 2.8 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 221 mph

The Veneno is the limited edition of the already highly exclusive Lamborghini Aventador, there were only 5 ever made. 2 stayed with its creators and the other 3 were sold before they were even built.

It was built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary, needless to say they created something truly amazing.

7. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

PRICE - $4.8 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - 2.9 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 254 mph

Rich people sure like diamonds on their supercars! This super special limited edition of a limited edition features a diamond weave carbon finish ! It is the only known “white” carbon fiber material.

Koenigsegg planned on building 3 units of the car but had to settle with only 2 due to the complexity of its production ! This makes the CCXR Trevita one of the rarest cars in the world and none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr was rumored to have purchased one of the units for $4.8 Million.

6. The Maybach Exelero

PRICE - $8 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph -4.4 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 218 mph

The previous car was rare, this one is even harder to get your hands on. There is only 1 that was ever produced. The engine is a hefty V12 Twin Turbo, matching luxury with performance to make the final price tag of $8 million.

The car was rumored to be owned by rapper Birdman and featured in a Jay-Z’s music video for “Lost One”

Even though many millionaires have requested the coveted Exelero, Maybach refused to make any more !

5. Mercedes-Benz 540k Special Roadster

PRICE - $12 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~16 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 104.65 mph

At the time of its production, the 540k reached a record top speed of 104.65 mph. The test driver compared the car to a demon, and with only 25 units produced in 1936, the 540k reached only the most elite people in the world.

The previous owner of the specific unit that was sold for 12 million dollars was the Baroness Gisela von Krieger. There are no more of these cars for sale, and the next time one comes up, the sales record will surely be broken !

4. Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe

PRICE - $20 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~20 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 99.4 mph

This list is getting more and more exclusive. This car was commissioned by Ettore Bugatti himself. There were only 7 units made and they had a basic price of $30,000 in 1932 !

Ettore Bugatti, being the creator of the brand, hand picked the recipients of these cars, and decided to keep one, the “Kellner”, for himself.

After World War II, the car was sold for about $600 and 2 refrigerators…. nowadays people can’t even dream of owning one without shelling out more than $20 million dollars.

3. Ferrari 290 MM

PRICE - $28 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~10 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 160 mph

The Ferrari 290 MM was specifically designed for the “Thousand Miles” open road endurance race. There were 4 prototypes made, and the car won the 1956 “Thousand Miles” race. The racing accomplishments with this car did not stop there, the following year Ferrari won the World Sportscar Championship and the “1000 km Buenos Aires” race.

The car that was sold for $28 million wasn’t even the one that originally won the “Thousand Miles” race, the driver only came in 4th !

2. Mercedes-Benz W196

PRICE - $30 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~10 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 186 mph

This classic race car was produced for the 1954-55 Formula 1 seasons. It won 9 out of 12 races in the hands of the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. They also managed to capture two World Championships with the amazing W196.

On July 12th, 2013, the auction house Bonhams sold the Mercedes-Benz W196 chassis serial “54” for a record $30 Million ! It is the only car that was available on the public market, and as it turns out, it was the one used to win the 54’ German and European Grand Prix by Juan Fangio.

1. The Ferrari 250 GTO

PRICE - $38 Million
SPEED - 0 to 60 mph - ~6.1 Seconds
TOP SPEED - 157.8 mph

The Ferrari 250 GTO is regarded as the greatest Ferrari of all time and the “Hottest Car of All Time.”

When it originally went on sale in the U.S.A. it cost a measly $18,000 and buyers had to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the Ferrari brand.

The 1962 250 GTO made for Stirling Moss, who is considered one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever, became the World’s Most Expensive car when it sold for $38 million in 2012. There are rumors that someone snatched the car again the next year, this time for a hefty $52 million.

At least two models of this car are used as daily driving cars in the rich parts of Los Angeles !


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