As soon as you start driving, you notice the unconventional view of the road this vehicle gives you. The windshield is quite narrow and far away from the driver, exterior mirrors are large and square shaped, and the entire hood is always within view and has a fair amount of curves and indents. The vehicle also feels considerably wider and taller than it looks from the outside.

The thing that surprised me most about the Jeep Renegade was the sportiness and agility it has over some of its competitors. It doesn’t drive like a typical Jeep. The steering is nice and direct, provides good feedback, and the vehicle handles corners with confidence. Ride quality was good. It glided over bumps and road imperfections very well.

I had heard mostly terrible things about the ZF 9-speed automatic in this vehicle, but I put those complaints aside to render my own opinion. The first time I pressed the accelerator, I thought the shifts felt a little sloppy, and the transmission had some unusual shift points. However, once I started driving and accelerating to higher speeds, I felt the 9-speed was a good partner for the engine. The first few gears were a little rough, but the shift quality became smoother up in the higher gears and it did a good job keeping the engine in the heart of its power band. I didn’t find the shifts to be nearly as harsh as other automotive publications made them out to be, in fact I found the transmission to be quite refined in most driving situations.

The real weaknesses for the 9-speed automatic began to show when trying to downshift for passing power. Requesting a lower gear required nearly full throttle, and when the transmission downshifted it almost felt like a poorly-programmed CVT. The engine would rev without any noticeable change in speed for a while, until it would slowly “clunk” into a lower gear and gradually accelerate. I also noticed when accelerating from 20-45 mph, the transmission sometimes had difficulty choosing the correct gear. It would take a couple seconds to think, and sometimes give you too much power or too little. It wasn’t a major annoyance to me, but it is something to note. That being said, the gearbox has some quirks to it but I didn’t find it to be so awful that it would be impossible to live with.

Road noise was fairly loud in this vehicle. The brakes also felt slightly unrefined and non-linear, and transmitted some noise and vibrations into the cabin. Material quality was decent but not great. Some of the main touch-points felt kind of cheap, mainly the turn signal/wiper stalks. The 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine was also fairly loud and harsh sounding, but it has good pep from stoplight to stoplight. Only at freeway speeds are you going to notice the engine feeling sluggish and gasping for air.

One thing to note about this vehicle is that it’s only rated at 21 city/29 highway mpg. There are modern day V6 engines that get better gas mileage. For a vehicle like this having a 4 cylinder engine and a 9-speed automatic tuned for fuel efficiency, and a rather unimpressive 0-60 time, I find these numbers to be disappointing.

Overall, my favorite things about this vehicle were the handling, steering feel, ride quality, and the styling. My least favorite things were the lack of passing power and the below average fuel economy. Everything else was adequate. If you’re looking for a vehicle with unique styling that stands out from all the other bland competitors, along with some agility in your daily commute and off-road capabilities when you need them, the Jeep Renegade makes a very good case for itself.

Highway driving: 5:20 & 14:30
Curvy road: 17:50
Straight line accelerations: 9:30


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      The 4 people with the dislikes.... Have no idea what it's like to own a renegade lol

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      Finally he review I’m looking for ! Thank you

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      Would you recommend regular or using plus gas for this type of car

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      Peaceful to watch

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      If I was an executive at Chrysler at the time they designed these things, I would've made the taillights INFINITELY more rectangular with the same white X's in there... Sales would be up AND they'd save A FORTUNE on advertising the car since the press would've been essentially advertising it for free!!!

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